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A Stroke And Prevention for Better Lifestyle

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A stroke can come to a person when something your brain could not handle. In this scenario, a person might get a clogged blood vessel so that the blood can’t get through, or in a few cases, a blood vessel may burst. In another way with a stroke, brain cells die because they don’t get the proper amount of oxygen they need.

  • Introduction
  • Types of strokes
  • What happens during a stroke?
  • How does a person get a stroke?
  • Preventing stroke
  • If someone you loved has a stroke

A stroke is a dangerous kind of word for a health problem for those who suffer. A stroke usually occurs when your brain gets less blood supply and it stops working and in the case of kids, they don’t get strokes usually.

A stroke can be called a cerebrovascular accident or even a brain accident. Blood will be usually circulating through your body all the time in tubes called arteries and veins. If everything is proper then the blood vessels work fine and there’s no problem with it. The problem occurs because when the blood carries oxygen to all the cells in your body in an improper manner or without oxygen, then cells would die and cause all the problems. There are two types of stroke

  • Ischemic Stroke
  • Hemorrhagic stroke

There are two main types of strokes:


Ischemic stroke is a kind of stroke. You can even call it brain ischemia and cerebral ischemia.

This stroke will happen when the blockage happens in an artery that supplies blood to our brain. The blockage happens and reduces the blood flow and oxygen to the brain, It will lead to damage and even death in the brain cells. In some conditions, if circulation isn’t restored quickly, brain damage can happen permanently and plaque is called to be a mix of cholesterol and other fatty stuff that sticks to the walls of blood vessels.

Hemorrhagic :

This kind of stroke happens when there is a blood burst and even when the blood is spilled out and even if you have weak or thin blood vessels and the brain cells are being killed and that affects the brain and high blood pressure can even weaken the walls of vessels and make a stroke much more likely. However, this is like a bad sign that can happen to you if it’s not been treated right away and checked then there may be a real stroke on the way and it makes your life very sick and in some cases, there are even the brain death happens and if it’s treated in the beginning then you can get cured of stroke there are many people who have recovered from the stroke.

What Happens During a Stroke?

A stroke will happen to a person all of the sudden, and if a person is having strokes there are few signs that show up.

  • You may feel like your weak and tired
  • Very bad headache
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of balance or coordination
  • Trouble in talking or understanding what people are saying
  • Trouble seeing

If anyone is suffering or getting these signs then they should go to the doctor right away and the doctor will make sure is this the beginning stage or you can be in a dangerous state and even doctor will check and make sure whether you can breathe or not and then the doctor will come to what is causing you this problem and what all can be done to make this problem cure. Then you will be told to take tests on the heart and brain. If the doctor confirms that you have a stroke then he will suggest to you a few basic tests that should be done to know the impact of stroke which is the main thing that will find out the problem and which part of your brain has been affected and how big the stroke is.

If it looks like a stroke, doctors will usually have a look at your scan or an X-ray of the brain. The test which is taken will make clear to the doctor which part of the brain has been affected and how big the stroke is.

How Does a Person Get Better?

In this process, the main important thing is that each person and their health lifestyle may change so that the recovery process also happens in the same way it may be cured really soon or it can take much time and the recovery depends upon how bad the stroke is and how healthy the person was before the stroke. Some people will be cured by medicine and some people may need surgery and in some cases, people who are addicted don’t know the cocaine side effects will follow up the rehabilitation process for those who have been addicted in any form and how the stroke has been caused.

Preventing Strokes

Better Lifestyle

In the adulthood stage strokes can be cured and prevented soon for grown-up stroke prevention there are few things to be followed.

  • Avoid  smoking
  • Consuming much alcohol will lead to danger
  • Have a healthy diet and be active. This can help you to reduce cholesterol.
  • Check blood pressure often that can be a major cause of stroke and make sure you’re less stressed.
  • Avoiding heart problems may lead to danger that can bring out diabetes, high cholesterol

Surgeries: The doctor will do surgeries to open up clogged blood vessels to make sure to prevent the stroke later on.

Rehabilitation:  This may vary in many processes like  Heroin addiction symptoms or alcohol-addicted then you may take up rehabilitation upon that. In a few cases, the person who is suffering from a stroke must relearn walking, talking, and even taking care of themself.

Medicine: When coming to the medicine part the stroke is usually caused by clogged blood vessels. The doctor will prescribe medicine to make your blood vessels thin so that the blood won’t clog and these kinds of medicine are given through IV and this works best if it is given very quickly.

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