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Affordable Engagement Rings for Women – Buying tips

Every woman’s dream is to get engaged and eventually get married in a colorful engagement. An essential in this rite of passage is an engagement ring. The marriage partners have the duty to select and budget for the engagement ring. Priority is given to the budget, it is paramount to know how much will spend for an engagement ring.

Although, there is a general assumption that all engagement rings cost a lot of money. This is not true. Apparently there are simple engagement rings for women in jewelry stores. In fact, they come in different shapes, are stylish, metals and designs. Don’t assume, however, that a detailed ring is out of your budget. Cheap engagement rings do not mean they are low quality, they are small budget engagement rings which are ideal for majority of young couples in courtship. This a super money saving strategy.

Finding simple low cost engagement rings for women is not that cumbersome. It is recommended that you go for a ring with an inexpensive price tag. For those who are fortunate in searching, there is a vast variety of low budget engagement rings which still are beautiful and are durable with good quality specs.

Tips to Find Cheap Engagement Ring for Women

So you’ve found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with and you’re ready to make it official by getting down on one knee and proposing. The next step is to figure out what kind of engagement ring you’ll be proffering at that special day and moment of your life. The choice seems obvious: a diamond ring, of course. The bigger and shiny the better. It isn’t always the case though.

Most couples dread that trip to the jewelers shop. Don’t let that trip surprise you, have a budget for the engagement ring and everything will be okay. Stay on budget and keep the cost low by choosing among these affordable engagement ring ideas:

  • Use of alternatives– The jewelry market has a huge pool of metals to choose from. Apart from diamond, moissanite and gold engagement rings, other available metals are tungsten, cobalt, and silver engagement rings. These rings are inexpensive and will fit in just fine at a low budget. A highly recommended way to save on money.
  • Choose a thinner band engagement ring– the idea is have the engagement ring have less metal material, which means it will cost less money. When you request the jeweler to customize a cheap engagement ring for you, suggest a thinner band engagement ring. It will be customized to have less metallic material thus costing a lesser price.
  • Give minimal details when making an order for an engagement ring- The jeweler of engagement rings charges you for the details you give for the engagement ring. A simple engagement ring for women do not have a lot of detail. The engagement ring will have a minimal detail to suit the buyer’s budget.

Guidelines to Buying Cheap Engagement Rings

Cheap Engagement Ring

Cheap Engagement Ring

Prospective buyers need to know the existing top notch secrets to buying an engagement ring. Consider this three steps that will guide you to buying an engagement ring for your spouse to be, and an affordable budget. The purchasing guideline are:

Setting the budget

The old adage that a engagement ring should cost a minimum of two month salary doesn’t suit everyone. Settling down with the love of your life can be very costly. To avoid these costs, and reducing the financial anxiety and stress that come with it, try to purchase the most affordable engagement ring in the market. Focus on the love life and not the financial life.

Consider partners style

Studying partners jewelry style and taste will enable you get the best piece of engagement ring for them.Talk to her friends and family members so as to get to know her taste. Do they like shiny and beautiful and modern taste? Or they are the vintage type.

Conduct comparisons with other shops

Go on a reconnaissance shopping spree for the engagement ring. Beginning to search for an engagement ring should at least two months before going on one knee. Do this by narrowing down the best option for the engagement ring, looking for the best offers in the market and eventual ordering and shipment. By comparing, you will feel satisfied with your last resort.

Other Ways to Save on Engagement Rings

Don’t let that trip to the jeweler surprise you

Bargaining power: If you need to buy an engagement ring at a fair price, try to haggle with the seller or jeweler about the price. The seller is also human and he understands each buyers problems. You will be surprised if you get the deal done at half the price tag on the engagement ring in display. As a buyer on budget, negotiate heavily.

Not wearing the engagement ring: I know this sounds very illogical but it can save you a lot of cash. You should consider having a wedding or engagement band instead. This works great especially when you buy a good quality diamond engagement band, it is cheaper than the traditional normal engagement ring.

Buying from an online shop: Buying from an online store means you forgo the physical trip to the jewels store which is all fun experience. In order to save you some cash, shop for a cheap engagement ring from reputable online stores. Another precaution is to ensure the shop has a return policy or offers warranty against the rings. Opt for an online vendor.

Avert designer engagement rings: These are known to cost a fortune, although, they are beautiful. Try buying from online stores like Amazon, eBay and such. They offer the engagement rings at a discounted price. Also, engagement rings are of high quality and beautiful too.

Use of gift coupons: Prior to the purchase of a engagement ring, so that you save some cash, go for the jewelry store with discount deals. Using coupons will help a great deal to the couple with a low budget. Another strategy is to buy a ring when sales are low. A million dollar tip, buy in the month of January just after Christmas rush.

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