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An Ultimate Guide for Clip in Hair Extension

It’s really difficult to maintain long and healthy hair for fashionable women now a days. Life becomes very fast and busy though we have to maintain our hair style properly. So girls are find out another helpful way to solve this problem. Today I am talking about this, yes I am talking about Clip in Hair Extension.

What is Clip in Hair Extension?

Simply it can say Clip in hair extension is just some bunch of hair which can apply with your real hair to increase its length , shine its color or any other trend which you want. You can change your getup within just 5 minuets by using clip in hair extension. Clip in hair extension can use in a long term basis like almost three months. So this trendy way can give you a tension free hair style what you are searching for.

How to Use Clip in Hair Extension:

Hair Extension

Hair Extension

Using hair extension clip is very easy and taking less time. Just apply the clip on your head and pick your desired style. Though there are lots of video tutorial are available in YouTube. Now a days women are feel free by using hair extension. Because comparatively hair extension is too smart way to looking stylish and bold.

Types of Hair extension:

There are various types of Clip in Hair extension. From so many options its really very much difficult to bring out the exact hair extension which is best for you. Anyway I am speaking about three types of hair extensions which are given below.

  1. Weave hair Extension:  These extension are used in natural hair by looping a pair of pilar.  It can be used to add length and fullness.  Weave hair extension can take time as three hours.  But over all it is famous way to extend hair.
  2. Clip-ins: When you try to extend your hair by using snap on clips without taking any help by professional then it called clip ins. The thickness, wearing time, and color choose and pick is fully depending only by you. Another great advantages for it is long lasting method for girls.
  3. Taped: when you are looking for extension your hair up to minimum 10 weeks then you have to choose this option. And after set it in your hair you can not remove it before two weeks.

How to wear it:

People can wear it by a professional hand. Sometimes you can wear it by yourself own. Here some tips how can you wear extensions. It will help you to take a clear idea about extensions.

  1. You should start from nape of your neckline then work upward if you want to using all of your extensions.
  2. You can use hair spray to tease your hair otherwise it can slip your extension.
  3. To blend well you can wave or curl your hair.

When should you change your extension:

Its totally depends on your maintain process. If you can take proper care of it, you can use it very long time. You have to maintain these extensions as your natural hair. So brushing, washing is must to do. When you want to store then use its original box, silk bag or shoe box.

How to wash extensions:

As original hair extensions also need brushing before wash. Then rinse properly and wash with shampoo. Dry it by air after washing. And brushing as human hair. Never store wet extensions.

How hair extension made:

Hair Extension

Hair Extension

Very common question it is, how they made by? And the answer is extensions are made with natural hair and also by synthetic. If you are looking a cheaper option you must decide to buy synthetic one.

Another part, natural or human hair is expensive than synthetic one.

Does it damage your scalp:

If you using your clip in extensions on the strong parts of your hair, you can avoid any damage. Because the extra weight of extension can loose your roots. Otherwise extensions are harmful as another style products. So its absolutely fine to pick your desired color and size for hair extensions.

Average cost of clip in hair extensions:

First of all hair extensions are budget friendly style icon. So you can pick any kinds of extensions between $30-$1500. It actually depends on how they are made by. Synthetic extensions are less costly than natural hair extensions. You can take a look here for various hair extensions prices and a huge collections of color and different styles.

My article for those who are actually feel hair extensions are the best solution for their hairstyle. That’s why I explain as brief as I can. Hopefully everyone can take a look about clip in hair extension and fulfill their desired trendy hair style.

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