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The Ideal Guide to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Today’s post is addressed to all those boyfriends and girlfriends who have decided to take the next step and begin the process of what will be the best adventure of their lives.

We know that everything starts asking the big question, but before that there is a whole process that we forget until the moment we have to live it. Unless you are a jeweler, no one knows exactly what needs to be done or considered to choose that significant piece in our lives. Although it is only a symbol, we want it to be perfect and to fulfill the expectations of our loved one.

That’s why today our team has given you the task of giving you a guide that will undoubtedly facilitate the task and will be the ideal support to guide you in the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

Set your budget

Maybe you’ve ever heard about the belief that man should invest two months of his salary in the engagement ring, but you know that we love to break the rules and we think that this is one that definitely has to be finish. There is nothing romantic in having debts, buy the best ring that is in your possibilities to buy.

The important thing is not the amount of money you spend on a ring, but the thought and intentions that are in your mind and heart at the time of purchase, no matter if the groom or perhaps girlfriend who proposes it.

If you want to ask the big question, do not postpone it just because you cannot buy a better ring. The ring is supposed to be the symbol of your love, and what does your love speak of if you lean all its importance to a simple ring?

Investigate your ring size

Engagement Ring


This is a point that many spoil in the process, choose the perfect ring but it is not the correct measurement. Nothing happens, the world does not end because the ring does not fit, you can always take it to repair with a jeweler for a few extra bills, but it is always better to save that money and the discomfort of going through that.

A tip that we recommend you to find out the perfect measure of your partner is to take a ring that you already use and take it when you choose the ring. But make sure it’s a surprise and take it when you do not realize, take advantage of a moment when you’re alone with your things; When you are taking a bath, you take advantage of it and take the ring from your jeweler, the less suspicion is better.

Take into account your own style

The ideal is to choose a ring that goes perfectly according to the taste and personal style of your partner. When you are with her, look at what kind of jewelry she usually uses, if she prefers the ostentatious or the simplest things, you can also take into account her favorite color or if she prefers silver over gold.

Sure you will have to take the skills of your internal Sherlock Holmes, but if you know your partner well, then it does not have to be so difficult. Also ask a little help from your closest friends is not too much.

Choose a stone

We know that the most traditional ring of all is the diamond classic; however it is not the only option. If your partner has a taste inclined by unconventional things, you probably prefer a different option and dream of a ring that stands out from the rest. It does not need to be the most expensive and luxurious stone of all, surely if it adapts to your style then it will be the ideal; Perhaps there is a particular stone that uses more than others in your jewelry or why not investigate what is the stone belonging to your date of birth, everything can work.

Choose the cut of the stone

Just as there are different colors, there are different ways in which the stone can be cut and that it can also be another option to add the rings own style. Among the most popular forms are the classic round, the princess, oval, pear, emerald and heart.

Choose a metal

The last technical term with which you have to familiarize yourself. The options usually used in engagement rings are platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The most popular are platinum and white gold, which looks very similar, the difference is that platinum is more durable and costs around 50% more. To choose this step, pay attention to the jewelry that your partner normally uses and baste on it.

Consider alternative options

Maybe your partner is one of those people who love antiques and vintage jewelery, if so, you could consider buying an antique piece. The rings of past ages are usually unique in their style and totally different from those you can find today, they are also pieces that are full of stories and romance. They also have the advantage that they usually cost less than a new ring of similar quality.

It is also likely that some of their families have the typical ring of the family that has passed from generation to generation. If your partner is a person who values ​​the tradition and their loved ones, then wearing the ring of the family will surely fill you with honor and above all appreciate the detail of your part to consider it.

Another option is to send a fully customized ring, this way you will be more than sure that this ring will be unique among all.

Make sure it’s an unforgettable surprise

Engagement Jewelry

Engagement Jewelry

We know that some brides and grooms like to have total control over every detail and more and more couples go together to choose their Engagement Ring Sets for Couples. By doing this, whoever proposes it is missing the only opportunity to show his partner his most romantic side and how much he knows the other to do it in the most special way of all. Imagine the face that your partner will put when, without waiting for it, you propose it, put the ring on his finger and let it be exactly as he imagined it.

This does not mean that it is the only way to do it, each pair establishes its own terms, but without a doubt, in our opinion it is the most romantic of them all. You do not need to put together the most spectacular of scenarios and do it in front of an entire audience, with what you do from the heart and that you have in consideration the wishes of your partner, then it will be more than perfect.

It is done! Everything you need to know to choose the ideal ring you already know, now you just need to put up your courage and dare to ask the big question. Remember that it is a unique moment in life, so make sure it is the most special. You do not need to put together the greatest show of the times, use your instinct and above all follow your heart. Nothing can go wrong!

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