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Color That Seemingly Happen To Suit Skin Tones

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Have it ever occurred to you that you can’t come up with a suitable color to wear that fits your natural skin color? It’s so annoying really. Many times it happens that you wake up on a fine sunny morning, take a shower, prepare a good and healthy breakfast, walk down to their wardrobe and when it comes to what to wear, several other question starts popping up in your mind. Most of the time, its about what color to put on, if not for anything else. Say, it’s the most common type of time waster that folks all around encounter every morning at the start of their day. Whereas, what they don’t know is that they are confused about their color choices and maybe that they’re aren’t fully aware of their skin tone.

Colors play a crucial character in the nature and so in every other’s life. Not everybody’s life is full of colors and stuff, but anyways colors are really important in highlighting your mood. And if color is concerned, you might well take in account of the fact that you skin tone allows certain colors to look good on you, but that doesn’t in any context mean that you can’t wear any more other colors other than them. So, speaking about colors to wear for your skin tone, it is all related to what type of skin tone your body has, and that you have to dress accordingly. But, on the other hand one can dress anyway they want, its totally their choice, and wear any color despite their skin tone, but the impression may not be all that appealing.

What Exactly Is A Skin Tone?

Firstly, you might as well need to know about what exactly is meant by skin tone. Skin tone, for the most part, can also be called undertone. Now, if the question pops up, what is undertone? Then it can be simply defined as the actual real color of your skin, and it is totally different from complexion, as most of the folks around seem to confuse skin tone with complexion. Complexion, on the other hand is the shade of your healthy skin which primarily depends on how much sun your skin has absorbed or winter’s pale darkness.

There’s pretty much three types of skin tones there are;

  • Cooler tone,
  • Warmer tone,
  • And Hybrid.

The choice of color that a person can wear depends primarily on the type of his/her skin tone, so lets take a brief insight about what color suits the skin tone most.

Folks with Cooler Skin Tones:

Folks that happen to have cooler skin tones naturally happen to enjoy nightlights, just kidding. Having a cool skin one simply gets you aligned with some of the prettiest colors ever, and are sometimes restricted to wear not so bright colors, that aren’t as much appealing, primarily because of the fact that their undertone is much much lighter and to the brighter side. Fun fact, folks with cooler skin tones can seemingly take the sun for long.

So as for the color for the skin type, it is mostly recommended to wear the following colors;

  1. Pale blue,
  2. Lavender,
  3. Lighter gray,
  4. Light grassy greens,
  5. Emerald greens,
  6. Frosty purple and other that lie close to the not so bright spectrum of the color scheme.

Folks Who Got Warm and Warmer Skin Tones:

Skin Tones

Skin Tones

Well, for folks who happen to have warmer skins, and fairly dark complexions tend to look appealing and good whenever they choose to go light on colors. Don’t believe? Well bright colors tend to suit warmer skin tones best and better than any other. However, there can be may reasons to justify as to why bright colors fit warm skin tones best, one of which happens to be the color contrast theory. Bright and light colors tend to blend in firmly with the warmer undertone, and gives a pretty shade that comes out appealing.

So, as said earlier colors that are bright and light are the best choice for people having darker skin tones that range from;

  1. Crimson red,
  2. Amber,
  3. Honey,
  4. Olive,
  5. Hazy,
  6. And sometimes other shades of Cream.

However, you shouldn’t just stick to these specified colors like a super obedient robot, go out there experimenting with other colors and nature, and discover you own color. There’s a thing about folks with rather warmer skin tones that happen to look even prettier in personlised work T-shirts, as no doubt work wear are the newest and trendiest fashion these days.

Folks with Hybrid Skin Tones:

So, we talked about both warm and cool skin tones, but there seems to one type of skin tone that lies between both the warm and cool tones and that happens to be neutral skin tone. This may be the best and most desirable kind of skin tone one could every wish for. Now really, on a serious note, folks having neutral skin tones can wear any color they would want, and still rock that color, and that primarily happens because there is almost no definite boundaries for neutral tones. For the record, folks with neutral skin tones happen to be quite adaptable to every season.

Although every color seems to go with naturally neutral skin, but there are some colors that happen to go more stunning as compared to the other colors, and they can be;

  1. Red,
  2. Medium Blues,
  3. Royal purple,
  4. And sometimes white.

So to speak, in all context, folks having neutral skin tones can enjoy each and every color and shades there are, and still go along with the colors very well. And that’s the best part about having to be neutral skin toned.

Moment Of Truth:

There’s a lot of stuff to take into account before actually wearing a color physically. Well it happens most of the time that most of the colors can even brighten up your appearance and the others can even cause to downsize your appeal. And that’s the reason why you should always go for colors that blend in accordance with your skin tone and vice versa.

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