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Makeup Ideas for Daily Routine at Home

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Makeup has always been necessary for women and girls around the world. Knowing a good makeup idea and having some branded beauty products at home is all you need to be able to show most of your skin & Hair and enhance the good features of your face. Thus, you will look great and most importantly you will feel confident and good about yourself.

Best Daily Makeup Routine Hacks:

Daily Makeup Routine

Morning or outdoor makeup ideas

You need to make sure that you have good makeup on, whether it is your first date, a family gathering, a wedding or any of the gatherings where you meet different kinds of people.

#1. Wash your face

This is the first thing you need to do before moving on with the makeup steps of your own. Wash your face with a face wash suitable for your skin type. This is mainly to remove any leftover dirt from your skin or to remove the makeup that you have slept with the previous night.

#2. Toner

Secondly, apply toner on your face and pat until it gets dry. Toner helps to remove any kind of stains or dirt which are stuck in your pores, once you are done with washing your face. It tightens the pores on your face.

#3. Essence

Essence helps your skin from getting wrinkles, fine lines, dull and uneven skin tones. It is recommended to put the essence in a spritz bottle and spray it on your face directly rather than putting it on a sponge or your hand and apply on your face.

#4. Moisturiser

Moisturizers are used to keep your skin moist and fresh. This will save your skin from having a dry look. The moisturizer helps lock the goodness of the toner and essence, helping you to get the best from your skincare products.

#5. Sunscreen

Sunscreens are used to protect your skin from unwanted UV rays that are harmful to your skin. It prevents your skin from having dark spots and it slows down your ageing process. It also helps absorb the helpful components of the sunlight which are good for your skin.

#6. Primer 

Primers are used as a base on your skin to hold your foundation or bb cream that you use. It helps in protecting your skin from the foundation or bb cream getting through your pores and damaging it.

#7. Foundation or BB Cream 

Foundations or BB creams help you to cover up all the unwanted marks or unusual scars on your face skin. The shade of the foundation or BB cream should be the same as your skin tone.

#8. Eyebrow

Eyebrow makeup mainly helps to hold your eyebrow hair and keep it in a shape.  You can get the eyebrow in a tint, gel or pencil form and you can choose according to your preference. It is better to have the colour of your eyebrow matching your hair colour.

#9. Eye shadow 

Eyeshadows make your eyes look standard and more attractive. You can get eye shadow in different colours and can apply it according to your style preference.

#10. Eyeliner 

Eyeliners, help your eyes look bigger and wider which will give you a gorgeous look.

#11. Concealer 

Concealers help you to hide your large pores, dark circles under your eyes and other skin blemishes on your face. You should buy a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone.

#12. Lipstick

Daily Makeup Routine

Lipstick Color

You can get lipsticks in varieties of colours and you can choose it according to the colour of the dress that you wear or according to your choice. Lipsticks keep your lips moist and help it from having a drying look. Organize your Lipstick collection –

#13. Blush

Blushes are used to make your cheeks look more attractive. It comes in a variation of pink, peach or plum undertones.

#14. Contour

If you know how to do a good contour, you will be able to have a nice shaped face just with makeup which will make you look attractive with the other makeup products that you put on your skin or face.

#15. Setting Spray

Setting spray should be sprayed or used at the end of all the makeup steps that you are doing for the day. Setting spray helps you to hold your makeup from fading away, or creasing. After spraying your setting spray, let it dry naturally.

Evening / End of the day makeup routine at home

It is always recommendable that you give good care to your skin at the end of the day as a good canvas will help you get the best out of your makeup.

#1. Washing your face

Make sure that you wash your face with the face wash suitable for your skin. This is mainly to remove all the makeup that you have put on for the day and all the dirt that has accumulated on your face due to the pollution.

#2. Tonner

Apply toner to your face once you are done with washing your face. It will help in keeping your skin hydrated and help you to remove the remaining dirt from your face skin.

#3. Serum

After that apply the serum on your skin so that it will keep your skin hydrated and regenerate your skin.

#4. Night cream

You can get varieties of night cream and you need to choose one which your skin prefers. Night cream comes in the form of a sleeping mask or a moisturising cream. It helps in repairing, restoring and regenerating your skin while you sleep.

Taking care of your Hair & skin will always be in your favour to give you the skin that you always wanted. Whether it is wedding makeup or makeup for young girls or aged women, if you know the proper makeup ideas then you can be your professional makeup artist. You can buy your preferred brand of the beauty cosmetic products for yourself as there are so many popular brands coming up now.

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