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6 Ways To Upgrade Your Everyday Makeup Routine On A Budget

If you have a love for high-quality makeup but no money to fund it, look no further. We are made to believe that makeup has to be costly in order to be done properly. But draining your bank account in order to look good and feel good about yourself is totally not necessary regardless of what you’ve thought before. Therefore, I am going to show you 6 ways to upgrade your everyday makeup routine on a budget.

A  Lifestyle Makeup Routine On a Budget:

Drugstore Makeup Isn’t Low-Quality!

Ditch the idea that drugstore makeup brands are low quality! Sure, there is going to be some drugstore makeup that doesn’t work for you, but correlating low-quality makeup to drugstore brands only makes you spend more money on high-end brands. Research drugstore makeup brands and products that work for other people. This will give you a better understanding of what might work for you before going into things.

My favorite drugstore makeup brands include Nyx, Elf, Milani, Essence, Wet n Wild, and Pixi cosmetics. All of these brands are cruelty-free as well. Most of their products are reasonably priced and high-quality.

Invest In A Few High-Quality Products

While I do believe that drugstore makeup should be taken advantage of more often, I also swear by some high-end products I personally use. So I do think that investing in some high-quality makeup isn’t always a bad thing – just don’t go overboard!

Something that I think is important in amplifying your makeup routine is investing in a good foundation. Foundation is the base for your entire look, so you need one that really works for you. Qualities to look for in a good foundation are that it doesn’t cake up, it is hydrating, it doesn’t separate throughout the day, and that it is not sticky. Two of the high-end foundations I recommend are the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and the Kat Von D Lock-It foundation.

Another high-end product I recommend you buy is an eye shadow palette. This is because a good eye shadow palette lasts a long time and it can be worn in many different looks. This makes it so worth it for me. Two high-end eye shadow palettes I recommend are the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette. Both of these palettes are extremely pigmented and they work for many different looks. You can also check here the glowing skin tips by lifestyle blog which you can do at your home too.

High-end makeup brands that are on the cheaper side include BH Cosmetics, ColourPop, Morphe, and Tarte.

Shop Online

Some of the best makeup brands can actually be found online. The obvious con to shopping online for makeup is that you cannot test it beforehand or match any shades. Researching each product’s specifications before buying it can solve this issue.

The best online makeup brands that are known for being high-quality and on the cheaper side include ColourPop, Morphe, MakeupGeek, and Glossier. With these brands, you truly are getting the most for your money.


Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Blog

Brushes can truly make or break your makeup routine. Trust me, from personal experience, a non-blended makeup look can be pretty embarrassing. There is no reason for you to not be investing in the right brushes when there are so many cheap brush brands to choose from.

The number one thing I recommend buying is a beauty blender – and not the cheap alternatives! I have had so many 3 dollar cheap beauty blender dupes, but none of them have ever compared to the real beauty blender. The beauty blender has given me the most effortless, smooth look to my face makeup. For only 20 dollars, a beauty blender is definitely worth it.

Cheap makeup brush brands include Elf, Morphe, Ecotools, and Real Techniques.

Use Proper Lighting

Using the right lighting when applying your makeup is the best thing you can do – and it’s completely free! If you have been doing your makeup in a yellow-lit room all this time, you’ve been doing it all wrong.

If the lighting is too dark or yellow-toned, your foundation won’t turn out as blended and seamless as it could be. This also goes for the blending of your eye shadow.

The best lighting you can possibly have is natural lighting. So sit by a window or open light source to do your makeup. That way you will achieve the most natural and seamless application possible.

Makeup Remover

I see way too many people using expensive makeup remover products to remove their makeup. When you are on a budget, or you just don’t want to spend too much money, opt for a cheaper alternative that you probably already have.

Common products that people use for makeup removers are vaseline and coconut oil. These products effectively remove your makeup and they actually have skincare benefits as well. They sort of double as a makeup remover and moisturizer.

If you want to buy something specifically used for removing makeup but on the cheaper side, there are some other options. My personal favorite is micellar water. I buy a big container of it from Target for less than 5 dollars, and it lasts me months. I would avoid makeup remover wipes as you have to constantly replace them.


There you have it, 6 ways to upgrade your makeup routine on a budget. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you look great and avoid costly alternatives.

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