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5 Expert Advice to Beat Pre-Wedding Stress

Wedding can be stressful. There are so many things to manage and organize that it ends up taking a heavy toll on both the mind and body. Whether you’re a bride or groom, there is always pressure from family members, expectations from in-laws and don’t forget, worries about guests and their hospitality. Plus, you know there’s plenty to manage to keep things smooth and well-oiled on the big day. Naturally, the body can’t cope up with that level of stress leaving you frustrated or angry. All this however could be avoided with a little bit of planning and action.

Here is Some Advice to Beat Pre-Wedding Stress

Pre-Wedding Stress

1. Stay calm and take things easy   

No doubt wedding is a time when you will be everything but calm. There will be nervous energy and you will be feeling excited a lot most of the time. That apart, there will always the worries of something not going right on the back of your mind. You should not focus too much on the things beyond your control and rather try to stay calm and take things easy. You will be the centre of attention on the big day and you just can’t afford to feel pressure and stress as it will also affect the mind and body together.

2. Break preparation into manageable steps

It’s important to break preparation into baby steps so that the work can be done easily without looking daunting. Both of you should be clear about the type of wedding you want and can afford. You should also consider the tastes and preferences of friends, colleagues so that you are in touch with the reality on the ground.  If you have been assigned with certain tasks and responsibility, the good way is to approach them in an easy manner and break them into manageable steps. You can also hire a wedding planner to get rid of stress.

3. Limit pre-wedding events

Wedding can be quite stressful. The pomp, the show et al can take a toll on the bride or groom of events leading up to it are not managed well. It’s however important to keep pre-wedding events to minimum so that exhaustion does not take its toll on the body. You could easily avoid partying or going to events that are not important to avoid hassles. If possible, keep all the outings to minimum, whether it’s for scout for wedding dresses or party with mates. Once you manage to do, it will cut back on a lot of stress for sure.

4. Relax and sleep

Relaxation is the best remedy for stress. The more you relax or feel relaxed, the lesser will be stress. You can do yoga meditation and feel at ease. You can chat away with friends or listen to music and all this will keep you free of stress. The best thing you could do to feel relaxed is to sleep or take adequate rest every night. This will stop you from waking up groggy or looking dull on the big way. Never compromise with sleep quality else it effect will show up on the face.

5. Set the budget 

Budget, or lack of it, is often the biggest reason of pre-wedding stress. There is a lot to do and it worries you given the financial situation at hand. Or, it’s the thought of not living up to expectations of others than give you a jitter. What if you could not get wedding furniture hire right, or fail to find the best caterer etc. When you have an idea about the budget in mind, the rest will fall into place

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