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Fashion You Must Follow This Monsoon

The rainy season is just around us, rains and cool breezing is going to alter the hot sunlight into pleasant weather. So, our wardrobe must need pleasurable changes as monsoon is going to make enjoyable changes in weather. Go to your closet and make it ready for the new stock of monsoon fashion. No doubt some people don’t feel good in the rainy season because of mud everywhere they feel uncomfortable while walking, they don’t want to ruin their dresses.

But if you want to enjoy the season follow these fashion trends to keep your clothes safe, leave the worries about clothes just think about the fun that you can make with your friends this season.

Check out the Below Points for Monsoon Fashion

Monsoon Fashion

Monsoon Fashion

1. Rain Coats:

Raincoats are one of those monsoon fashion accessories that you should grab before starting rains. The coats with hoods along with them will keep your clothes safe and dry. There are a number of color selection available in coats but dark colors like red black are popular so these can make the greatest contrast with your dress. For example, if u are wearing a black dress then the black coat will be a perfect combination.

2. Water Proof Cosmetics:

If you are not going outside just because of this reason that all your makeup will be washed out. Then don’t worry you can be fresh as your normal days by using waterproof makeup. Go and buy waterproof makeup to keep your face whole day, fresh and pretty.

3. Why Not Waterproof Shoes:

There is no doubt that the trend of rain boots for ladies is coming back in women’s online shopping as the monsoon season is coming around. You can choose colors and prints for your feet also this year as in previous years. It does not matter what are you wearing on the top, these shoes will definitely keep your feet warm and dry. You can make your wardrobe stylish with a beautiful pair of rainy shoes, they will not only make up your style but also will comfortable for you.

4. Water Proof Bags:

As you have a mobile phone and other important things that need to be saved from the water. You should make an investment in a waterproof bag as a safeguard for all kinds of stuff. When you go outside with friends and its raining you can save all your things in bag and also It will be a different fashion among your friends. Keep in mind that you should not use heavy bags because it is difficult to move in the rain with heavy luggage. So stay lightweight to be fashionable.

5. Capri and Shorts:

Why are you forgetting about Capri, shorts, and skirts? these are are such outfits that have ruled women clothes over eras. So, we can wear this type of dress in the rainy season because if you wearing a heavy dress and its raining and you get wet then your dress will take too long to dry as compare to short dressing. Because if you are having a short dress you will feel easy even it is wet and in this way you can enjoy your summer clothes as well.

6. Bright Colors are Better:

Sharp colors have perfect combination in the rainy season, the sky turns into the gray and black environment so, in contrast with the weather according to fashion assistants you should wear bright and fresh colors like yellow, fuchsia, etc. These will look too good. But if these do not suit your personality. You have an option to choose slightly bright like peach cherry etc.

7. Misconception about Culottes and palazzos:

If you are thinking that palazzos can just be chill in summer collection then you are advised to clear your wrong conception. When it rains level of wetness raises in the air, due to this someone can feel sticky sensations while wearing tights. In this case, Culottes and Palazzos can be work as your rescue team.

These types of trousers will save your legs from wetness and will look perfect with off-shoulder tops.

8. Say yes to Umbrella:

Don’t forget to have a classy umbrella with you. Choose big-sized long to save yourself from rain. You can pick out in brighter colors to not just keep yourself protected from rain but also to make a different style among others.

9. Say No to Jeans:

If you know that it can be cloud outside, but you also want fashion with comfort, Then according to fashion analysts don’t wear jeans. Because if it wets it will stick to your body which will create discomfort for you. As jeans take much time too dry and it, as there is rain outside, it will be more difficult to dry this type of wears. So avoid these dresses to enjoy properly. Happy monsoon, be fashionable ever.

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