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6 Financial Personality Types and Their Spending

Money plays a vital role in everyday life—buying food for meals, paying for necessities like water, electricity, and rent, covering gasoline for cars or fares for commuting, and much more. It is also essential for a lot of our wants, like the latest smartphones, a weekend trip to a foreign country, or even that fabulous outfit you saw at the store the other day.

It’s no surprise that your personality, the type of community you’re a part of, and the environment you live and learn in can influence your financial habits. Depending on the way you spend or save your money, you could be nurturing some good habits or getting weighed down by bad ones. With financial growth and stability being anyone’s end goal, how can you make the change?

The infographic below discusses the six financial personality types: the Risk-Taker, the Avoider/Ostrich, the Unnecessary Spender, the Promo Hoarder, the Street-smart Spender, and the Financially Conservative.

The Risk-Taker knows the value of their money and tries to invest it as much as possible to sustain their lifestyle. Meanwhile, the Avoider/Ostrich saves cash by avoiding purchases like the plague, but have no definite plans for their finances.

The Unnecessary Spender, on the other hand, aggressively spends on themselves and their loved ones as a value-oriented shopper, which can lead to instances of impulse spending. The Promo Hoarder saves their money by opting only to buy when there’s a discount regardless of quality, making them also susceptible to impulse buys.

The Street-smart Spender knows how to balance saving and spending by having multiple payment platforms out of convenience rather than impulse. Finally, the Financially Conservative knows the basics of maintaining their finances and are cautious with where they invest but want to grow and improve.

If one of those types sound relatable, then it’s good to take note of your type’s strengths and weaknesses. With this infographic as your financial inspiration, you’ll be on your way to managing your money like a pro in no time!

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