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The Swatch Chart – A Game-changing Lipstick Organizer

If you are reading this, it means that you are obsessed with makeup! All of us makeup lovers enjoy buying new products, such as new eyeshadow pallets, foundation and a hundred different shades of lipsticks. Who can blame us? There is a launch of new cosmetics every day. But does that mean that we need everything that is new?

New makeup collections can trick you to buy something you already have!

Lipstick Collection

How often do you buy something new and realize afterwards that you have the same product at home? I think every one of us has the same answer, it happens all the time. It usually happens with lipsticks because we put them in our drawer and we totally forget about them. We run across some new lipstick collection with tons of different shades, we buy it and we become obsessed with it. But then you open your drawer and realize that you had the same shade of lipstick forgotten in there.

This means you just wasted money on the same lipsticks that you never really got to use. And then you realize that you feel bad for spending so much money, but you are not the one to blame. It’s impossible to keep track of every lipstick shade you own. You can only do that if you have a lipstick organizer, and I am not meaning “organize them in the drawer”, because I can assure you, you will eventually forget about them anyway.

Organize your lipstick properly

Lipstick Collection

Girls, let’s put a stop to this! Innovation in the makeup industry is not just launching new makeup, we desperately need help with organization! Thankfully, there is this brand new product called The Swatch Chart. It’s a solution for every makeup-obsessed girl.

You can finally organize your lipstick collection by just swatching them on the chart. Just paint the swatch spots and put the name of the shade and the brand underneath. And in just a few minutes you will solve your problem.

Choose your perfect Swatch Chart type

There are different types of Swatch Charts, designed for every girl’s need. If you want a collection filled with hundreds of different colors that help you express yourself every day you can use the hanging canvas and canvas wraps who are ready to hang, you just need to make your perfect lipstick collection and put it on your wall. There is also a solution for “mood swings in makeup”. The swatch chart metal print – you can remove your swatches with a makeup wipe and create new ones! This one has an aluminum surface that is scratch-resistant, waterproof and weatherproof.

One-color means thousand different shades

But if you are in love with just one color lets not forget that one color has a thousand different shades. Create your perfect one-color collection by using the Swatch Chart that has color categories such as nudes, pinks, reds, berries and bolds. Be original and wear a different shade of the same color every day!

Create wall art that will speak loudly about your uniqueness

Lipstick Collection

Every girl dreams to be unique and different! That is why we are always buying new cosmetics and experimenting with colors. So, put an “upgrade” to this and get a personalized wall art that speaks loudly about you! You can create your lipstick collection that no one in the world has, it’s only yours – because nobody has the same taste as you! You can express your creativity, tidy up your chaos in the drawer,  and on the other hand, decorate your makeup room.

It’s time to create your masterpiece – get your Swatch Chart and start swatching!

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