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Hair Colouring Tips From Professional Hairdressers

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Most of the people agree that by colouring the hair, one can update their looks and give themselves a makeover. But you may face difficulty in retaining the colour applied to the hair. There are some ways where you can keep the colour without washing it off in your initial days. To ensure that, here we have collected the tips from professional hairdressers that you can follow before and after colouring your hair, whether it’s the first time you are colouring or you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Tips Before You Colour Your Hair

Hair Colouring Tips

Hair Colouring Tips

1. Don’t shampoo

Avoid doing shampoo right before the dying. You can shampoo your hair at least 24 to 48 hours before colouring your hair. There should be a natural protective oil layer on your scalp to protect it from the chemicals in the dyes.

2. Don’t use any heating-tool

Before you go for your appointment, don’t apply any heat tool. Let your hair be in your most natural state. This will allow your hairstylist to maximise your look.

3. Bring photos for inspiration

Before your head into the salon, it’s essential to know which hair colour you want. Colours such as brown, red, bronde, grey, blonde, and balayage are trending. Research about the various products and colours to be on the same page with your hairstylist. You can bring some photos for inspiration.

Tips After You Colour Your Hair

1. Wait for 72 hours

After colouring your hair, your cuticle layer will take up to three days to get closed. At the time of colour, your stylist opens the layer to make it easy for a colour to enter the hair stem. If you wash it right after your appointment, then the layer will remain open, and there are chances that hair dye can get washed down. Thus, wait for at least 72 hours to last your hair colour for a longer time till your next visit.

2. Use sulfate-free conditioner and shampoo

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a kind of anionic detergent that you can find in many personal care products for creating a foaming effect. Using these personal care products can cause your hair stripping from moisture and natural oils. And it can strip off your hair colour too.

Thus, try using a shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate-free to keep your colour from fading. There are many products available according to your hair types such as thin hairs, straight, frizzy or curly.

3. Mixing your hair colour and conditioner

If you have selected dark colours for your hair colour, then mix a small amount of that hair colour into your conditioner at the time of washing. Conditioner will re-dye your hairs every time you wash it. It will give your hair a refreshing look until your new roots grow out.

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4. Avoid hot water

When your hair colour is fresh, avoid washing your hair with warm water. It will remove the outer layer of the colour, and your hair will get faded. Instead of hot water, you can use cold water or lukewarm water, as it will help in sealing the cuticle layer and will lock the freshness of the colour.

5. Wash your hair frequently and avoid chlorine

If you want your hair colour last longer, then you need to stop washing your hair every day. By washing it daily, you’re not only washing away your natural oils, but also your colour. Try washing your hairs every alternate day or 2-3 times a week to keep your colour intact.

Also, when you enjoy your pool day, make sure you wear your swimming caps. Or else if you don’t have swim cap, you can wet your hair with shower, apply conditioner. It will become a barrier for protecting your hair from chlorine water.

6. Stay away from heat-styling tools

Styling tools will strip away the colour and dehydration which lead to hair damage. To prevent this problem, avoid using heat tools. If you want to blow-dry or style your hair with heating tools, try using heat protectant spray in advance. These sprays will reduce the loss of moisture from your hair and will create a smooth layer to protect your hair.


The colour lock on your hair strands depends on how often your colour your hair and the shade you have chosen. Whatever you chose, the process of getting a new hair colour starts a long ago even before you book your appointment. With this above before and after tips, you will be able to manage your hair colour. These hair colouring tips are from professional hairdressers as they know that new hair colour can boost your confidence, look and mood.

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