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Hot Tips to Finding the Perfect Vintage Jeans

Getting outfitted with the proper garments is a priority of the well-dressed person. But you know what happens when we set out tao buy a Butterfly Tshirt or a pair of vintage jeans. One doesn’t know where to look for them! Our corner shop doesn’t have these items and we get grounded before we begin. So, here are a few tips to find that perfect Vintage Jeans or exclusive shirt for your birthday.

Buy Branded T-Shirts

Buying a Dragonfly Printed Tshirt is like buying vintage jeans in that you must look for their specific features. Then, you can be sure you have the genuine item. Let me show you how to look for these characteristic features one by one.

The Bee Tshirt

In the Bee Tshirt, look for these things:

  • The material is 100% combed and ring-spun cotton – for white T-Shirts.
  • It is 90% combed and ring-spun cotton with 10% polyester – for Athletic and Black Heather.
  • They all have a shoulder to shoulder taping.

Screen Printed Tshirt

In the screen printed Tshirt, you can choose your own design and print accordingly, they are comfortable, oversize and versatile.

The Butterfly Tshirt

The main aspects of the Butterfly Short-Sleeve Unisex T-shirt are these:

  • They have all the aspects given above.
  • Each T-shirt is soft and stretchable.
  • You get them in White, Ash color, Athletic and Black colors, Heather Prism colors.

The Honey Bee Tshirt

In the Honey Bee Tshirt check for these features:

  • They have all features mentioned above.
  • It has an exquisite Honey Bee logo on the front.
  • It is comfortable with the right amount of stretch.
  • They use pre-shrunk fabric to make the garment.

Buy Branded Jeans

Vintage Jeans

Vintage Jeans

Each brand of jeans has its specific trademarks. Here are the indications to look for in some of the top brands of jeans to find if they are vintage or not.

Tip #1 Levi’s

First, look for the LEVIS STRAUSS mark on the buttons. They will have the stamping on their back. This will be a three or four-digit number. The originals will not have the model number printed on the back; if there is, it is a fake. You can check the famous red tab to know when they made it (if they are original). The red tab is on the right back pocket. Is the “e” in the Levi’s in small letters? Or, is the name LEVIS printed in capitals? The capitals show that the garment is from before 1971.

The next thing is to look for care tags as they added these from 1970 onwards. Check the inseam and if it is single felled, the Levi’s® jeans are from before the mid-1980s.

Tip #2 Jeep Wrangler

Look for the blue bell that is the vintage mark of Jeep Wrangler. Inside of the fly, you should have a tag. On the back pocket, there is a bell etched. We can see the cream-colored “Wrangler EST. 1947” on the inside. This label will have a stitch-on band with the word CRANK on it. You find high-quality buttons and rivets with the Wrangler name engraved on the waist button alone. But this engraving is not necessary as many fake jeans have solid, stylish engraving. Genuine jeans will not have the Wrangler name on the small pocket.

Tip #3 Lee Rider

The Lee jeans haven’t undergone any changes in design since their introduction in the 50s. We can determine their age by looking at the labels. These are inside of the waistband. This company makes use of left-handed denim to make their jeans unlike Levi’s and others. Unlike the right-handed denim, this type is softer and fades faster. This is because the left-handed twill loosens up faster making the fabric softer and stretchy.

While buying Vintage Jeans look first for the sizing stickers, paper tags, and selvages. Also, avoid bargain shops and discount sales as there is a chance that they sell duplicate items. When you buy them at a flea market, you might have to pay only as little as $8 for one pair. To be sure that your jeans are the right fit, wrap the waist around your neck.

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