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How To Assemble A Travel Itinerary?

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Traveling requires planning, and preparing a travel itinerary is one of the first things to do when deciding to see a new place. This is because developing a good travel itinerary is essential, after all, in addition to optimizing your time during the trip, it allows you to stay even more within the local history and culture you want to visit.

Putting together a trip itinerary is as good as the trip itself, believe me! It’s really cool to anticipate, even from afar, what will be seen or experienced.

And the best part: today what is not lacking is the most diverse information about travel. In a quick Google search, you’ll find hundreds of tips from other travelers.

But if, on the one hand, it is great to have a lot of information, on the other hand, it can get in the way a little. After all, everything looks great and it’s hard to organize yourself into a script.

With that in mind, we created a guide on how to build a travel itinerary where you can enjoy the destination and leave it with your face!

Come on?

Start with the length of stay

How to set the number of days depends a lot on the style of each traveler. Some set the number of days at the destination based on the activities they have to do.

Others, more practical, define the number of days at the destination from the days available to take a vacation from work or school/college. Or even from the money!

Regardless of the form, this needs to be made clear. This way you will be able to start the structure of your script. Use paper, apps, or an Excel spreadsheet to get organized.

Be realistic about the activities

If you are going to a big city, you should take into account the commuting time between activities, in addition to the traffic itself.

Pay particular attention to the arrival and departure times of your destination. Remember that airports are often far from the main activities and that everything takes time.

In this sense, the best way to enjoy every second of the trip is to choose flights that arrive very early in the morning and depart at night.

Tip: Use Google Maps to get average transfer times and other travel details – such as which bus/subway/train to take or the price of the taxi.

Read all travel tips

Travel Itinerary

As we talked about above, the internet is full of travel information. For those who are putting together a script, this is a real hand on the wheel.

It is from there that we are able to get good ideas about what to do on a trip and avoid any kind of holes or delays in planning.

However, here’s the tip: it’s important that you organize these tips so you don’t get lost or generate any kind of confusion. To do this, separate the tips you want by categories.

Let’s say you are building a travel itinerary for Buenos Aires, for example. The best way is to organize your surveys like this:

  • Best neighborhood to stay in Buenos Aires;
  • Best restaurants and bars in Buenos Aires;
  • Where to eat the best empanada in Buenos Aires;
  • Where to buy the cheapest alfajor in Buenos Aires;
  • Tourist attractions in Buenos Aires.

This way, everything is more organized and you can have a much more complete view than if you read several and several texts talking about destiny as a whole.

Filter the travel tips

Another very important point is to remember that a really cool experience for one will not necessarily be for another or for you.

For example, many people like to stay in streets where bars and nightlife are concentrated. If you like silence, do you agree that it’s not good to stay on this street?

Other travelers are fascinated by museums and history, but if it’s not your thing, there’s no point in including several in your itinerary.

In summary: read a lot of tips, but always try to filter for what corresponds to your reality and wishes! Otherwise, you will be taking a journey for others.

Leave a day all or part free

Even with an organized itinerary and everything programmed, sometimes we come across some unforeseen events that end up winding up our midfield in a trip.

Therefore, the idea is to leave a day totally free or at least partially free in your travel itinerary to fit in the activities that ended up being left behind.

On a trip, because of these unforeseen events, we end up working and learning to move more, giving up one thing to get another.

But if there’s something that can’t be missed, if it’s part of your priority, or something mandatory (like eating empanadas in Buenos Aires), make it visible in your itinerary.

This makes it easier to organize even the unforeseen events that come up along the way and make the most of the trip!

Lastly, check out the latest details

Now, with your organized travel itinerary, it’s time to make tour reservations. Not leaving everything to the last minute is a great tip to save time and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Check if everything is as planned. Review your travel itinerary carefully, see if the documentation is up to date, check the dates and times of your tickets, book your hotel. If you are traveling abroad, make sure your passport has the necessary visas for the trip in question. It is important to be informed about the need to take vaccines. And one last important tip: make sure your credit card is enabled for international purchases.

If you liked our tips, share them with your friends, family, and travel partners. So everyone learns to assemble a script and enjoy every second!

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