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How to Look Perfect : Ace the Traditional Saree Look

Traditional Sarees are one of the most dignified outfits when it comes to ethnic wear. They are available in so many patterns and fabrics from which you get the option to choose your favourite saree.

The traditional sarees can be plain, printed or heavily embroidered with stones and zari work from which you can choose one depending upon the occasion where you are going to wear it.

This outfit is all about a classy ethnic look where you can flaunt your cuts and curves properly. Not everyone has a perfect figure but they can drape the saree in different styles to get the right look.

Some are not so tall and some are not so slim, but you don’t need to worry as saree suits every body type.

Tips to Look Slimmer in Traditional Saree

There are a lot of things which you need to consider while you wear a saree so that you can look the best in it.

From color to draping style everything should be picked rightly. The right things will give you a glamorous look and when draped in the right manner it looks more flawless.

Pick the Right Fabric

Pick the Right Fabric

Most importantly, you need to choose a fabric that can help you look sharp. It’s all about the fabric that you choose to wear. Usually the fabric will decide whether you will look slim or not.

Cotton is considered to be one of the most convenient fabrics that absorbs sweat and moisture. But you need to know that cotton will not help you look slimmer.

It looks fluffy and does not sit on the body well. Rather than it choosing a flowy and silky fabric is a more relevant choice.

Fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, net and rayon are some of the highly preferred choices. They drape properly on the body and give you a breathtaking look.

Go for Some Pretty Motifs

The next step is to go for prints that are not too large and vibrant. They can be the traditional block print or some beautiful batik prints which give a cultural look when you wear it.

Some colorful floral motifs and leaves printed on the traditional saree are suitable for every occasion and are perfectly fine for all body types.

Many motifs of animals, birds, temples and some other sculptures are also printed on the saree. From this also you can choose the one which matches the occasion vibes where you are going to wear it. Small and tiny motifs will always help you look slimmer and taller.

Choose a Color that Suits you Well

You also need to take care of the color while choosing a traditional saree. If we go through the color choices then they are infinite.

From muted to dark colors everything is available in saree. You have the option to get these sarees at both online and offline stores.

You get some beautiful Surat sarees at different online stores and you will also get the prettiest ones if you visit the textile market.

If you are fair then dark shades will look great on you, if you are dusky then pastel colors will be more favourable for you.

One more option is that you can go for the colors that look best on you. The right color can do a lot to your looks and can also help you look slimmer.

Pair the Right Blouse

Once you are done with the saree, the next thing which you need to choose is the blouse. Without the right blouse you won’t get the right look.

If you are slim then you can go for a sleeveless blouse or a halter neck blouse which fits well to the upper body and gives you an adoring look. If your arms are a bit chubby you should go for a full sleeves blouse.

Also take care of the neckline. A very fancy neckline can ruin your look. Keep it as simple and elegant as possible.

The classical round and square necklines are the ones which suit every body type. You can also go for the simple v-neck which looks really perfect.

Drape it Well

Now comes the most important thing, which is the draping style. It all depends on the style in which you drape your saree.

Relying on simple drapes such as the nivi style drape with an open pallu or pleated pallu is the best choice.

Some modern drapes such as pant-style drape or dhoti-style drape are also some which you can opt for.

Nowadays the most popular one is the belt-style drape which gives a modish as well as a sophisticated look to the wearer.

Drape it well so that the saree falls properly and has a flowy appeal that will definitely give a tremendous look.

The Right Accessories

Pair some correct accessories to complete the overall saree look. The elegant accessories help you look graceful in the outfit. They play an important role in finalising your look.

Earrings: A pair of bold and beautiful earrings studded with some colorful stones and diamonds or some heavy tassels look best with an ethnic outfit.

Rings: A big and graceful ring in round shape or any other shape will add beauty to your entire look. You can wear one single big ring or can go for two, three if they are small and simple.

Necklace: A necklace which matches the earring can be worn along with other accessories. If you are wearing a high neck or closed neck blouse then you don’t need to wear it.

Bangles: The pallu falls on the left shoulder and your right hand remains empty. So you can wear bangles or bracelets in your right hand to make the look proper.

Footwear: One more thing to match correctly is the footwear. Here as you are willing to look taller, you should go for heels to get an absolute look.

End Note

To look slim in saree and ace the traditional look it is necessary that you choose everything right. When wearing a saree you should pick a slim fitted petticoat.

It will help to keep your body in shape and you won’t look fleecy or chubby while wearing the outfit.

Don’t forget the makeup. Some smoky eyes and a shiny lip color will give you a pleasant look. Keep the makeup neutral, don’t go for too high makeup.

If you are going to attend a wedding then you can go for some sparkles and blushes. If you are wearing it at an evening party then keep it cool.

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