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How to Shop Smartly: A Women’s Summer Shopping Guide

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Only a woman can tell you how shopping makes her feel better in a funk. Although not all women like going summer shopping (or so they claim), most of them get excited at the very idea of going shopping. Especially in summer when there’s seemingly a clothing competition to decide who looks the best, women don’t put their purses on the ground. Even the scorching heat of the season can’t bother them. While everyone else is trying to fill their bodies with water to stay hydrated, this fashion-obsessed group is busy stocking their closets with the season’s new arrivals.

While there’s nothing wrong with going on such a self-indulgent shopping spree once in a while, it’s a rewarding experience when you can save some money. By knowing a few tactics, you can buy all you want and still go home with a heavy purse, which makes an achievement you want to brag about to your friends and family. This post shares some smart ways you can shop without ending up with an empty purse.

Eight Tips for Smart Women’s Summer Shopping

Womens Summer Shopping

Women’s Summer Shopping

The apparent “look-the-best” competition creates another competition among designers to offer the best deals. They launch their new clothing line even before the season starts. With all of them trying to outdo each other, it’s easy to give in to the temptation and wind up with clothes that we later regret buying. The tips below will help you have this guilty pleasure with no accompanying remorse.

1. Use the Hue Cue

A woman’s mood is as fickle as the weather east of the Rocky Mountains. Colors are the best way to express change, whether it’s in the weather or your mood. Usually, light colors are easier on the eye and more appropriate to wear in summer, as they reflect light and absorb less heat, leaving both your mind and body cool. Pastels such as lime, latte, paled turquoise, and salmon are quite ideal colors for women’s summer shopping.

Before you go out, check to see which of these light shades best complement your skin tone and which ones your wardrobe already has or needs to have to enjoy a variety for your summer styling. This way, you are never going to have a color you do not need.

2. Know Summer-Appropriate Fabrics

After choosing the right color(s), the next important factor to focus on is the type of fabric. Light-weight, soft fabrics that can let air pass through are the best choice for summer. Thick, sticky clothes will make your body sweat and stink, repulsing people around you. Cotton, linen, lawn, rayon, and seersucker are some of the best textile choices to go for in summer.

3. Avoid Too Embroidered or Embellished Clothes

While embroidery and embellishments add a stylish touch to clothes, they may make them heavy when overdone, causing them to cling to your body. If you prefer embroidery and embellishments such as beads and laces, make sure they are not superfluous and the fabric is lightweight and light-colored.

4. The Baggier, the Better

Go for a loose fit. Tight clothes will restrict your motion as well as the airflow required by your body. Maxis, shirtdresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and oversized women’s polo shirts make excellent summer choices for your body to move and breathe.

5. Play Patterns

If you are a fan of prints and patterns, floral and tropical patterns will make you feel like you are on vacation in some spectacular Swiss valley. Such patterns make a pleasant view for both the wearer and the spectator. Geometric or other cluttered patterns blur visions in summer.

Furthermore, if you’re overweight, choose small patterns. They will help hide all the fat and make you look slimmer. On the other hand, people who are blessed with anti-fat genes and have toned bodies can go for any size.

6. Burst with Jumpsuit Joy

Jumpsuits are the latest craze. Front and center on everything from Instagram to red carpets, they have become an obsession in 2022. Dakota Johnson added more glamour to the evening at the 2022 MET Gala when she donned a Gucci sheer bejeweled black jumpsuit. Anne Hathaway nailed a rainbow-colored by John Rogers on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert early this year.

The one-piece dress can do wonders for you; it can make you chic and comfortable. Since they are stars and need to shine, they wear colorful and glittery clothes even in summer. Unless you are one, stick to monochromes or the patterns mentioned above.

7. Dress in Denim

If you’re done with florals, denim will make a cool change. It’s a timeless fabric that can be worn all year round. Lightweight denim makes an excellent option for casual summer dressing and can be worn in a variety of forms such as a jumpsuit, shirtdress, shirt, and, of course, pants. Wear white canvas shoes to stomp like a college girl.

8. Accessorize to Mesmerize

Accessories are a great way to spice up your look and add some personality. However, just like anything else, they should be minimal and not too bright. Let the sunshine only. Poolside chapeaus, canvas totes, sunglasses, and long earrings make cool accessories to nail a summer look.

Final Word

With the sun in all its blazing glory, it’s difficult to dress up well. However, keeping everything minimal and not too flashy can do the job. Shop with this minimalist approach, and you can never go wrong or bankrupt. Having an idea about what suits your body and this season as well as what your wardrobe lacks can go a long way toward helping you make the right picks. Although the above suggestions are not set in stone, and you can wear anything you like, it makes sense to follow them.

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