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How To Wear Fashion Jewelry Like A Pro

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You might think what extra step you can take to make yourself look even more ravishing? Let’s make a checklist, clothes, footwear, handbag, scarf… what’s left? Well, your accessories. You can wear the latest trends and stylish accessories which includes your earrings, necklaces, anklets, rings, and a lot more. A woman is never fully dressed without jewelry.  This seasons brings the most astonishing yet elegant jewelry trends for you to wear and slay all your outfits in.

These trending jewelry are the accessories which would be suitable for all your outfits. Be it jeans and shirt, miniskirts and tops or dresses – these jewelry would fit all of those outfits.

Here Are Most Trending Yet Elegant Jewelry Any Of Your Outfits:

1. Earring for One Year

Wearing earrings in both your ears was a trend in the past days. The new trend involves wearing an earring in one of your ears. This is mainly for huge earrings that would be visible and prominent on yourself. It’s your choice to choose the earring that you want to put it, you can either randomly wear an earring or make sure that it matches your outfit, either way, it is going to look stunning on you! Although the trend says the bigger, the better but you are free to opt for anything you desire. If you feel a little imbalanced, pop up a simple hoop or a small top on the other earring to make it equal. The trend will still show itself in the best manner.

2. Be Eclectic

Fashion Jewelry

One of the most amazing jewelry trends is this one. You can use a punk rock or even something valuable to you and put it up a piece of chain. This is one of the most common trends that you will see models wearing on the ramp. It looks eclectic as well as mesmerizing, to use something random and make it so valuable at the same time. It looks pretty stylish and whatever it is, if it is valuable to you, it’ll stay close to your heart.

Wear the chain around your neck – it gives a pinch of elegance with eclectic which makes one look unique and desirable. People also put up their engagement rings in a chain and put them around their necks, it really shows meaning. Remember the Wonder Woman Costume and her eclectic jewelry especially the accessory she wore on her head. You can also be as creative as you want in this trend. People have started making their own eclectic jewelry. It shows creativity and on the other hand, it is also pretty affordable for one to make.

3. Hybrid Jewelry

There are many famous fashion designers who have created new and amazing trends. This particular trend was called the UFO jewelry. It was made up of a hybrid between the necklace and the earrings whilst turning them into one piece of jewelry instead of two. These accessories are the most suitable on jumpsuits although you can wear it with dresses and other outfits as well – unless those outfits are kept minimal and you choose a good piece of hybrid.

This hybrid style jewelry would make you look unique and different from other people in the room. Make sure to keep your dress minimal for the hybrid jewelry to shine in on yourself. This gives us a chance to be innovative and create something unique and promising.


Jewelry needs to be understood before worn. Make sure to know what kind of jewelry your dress deserves before putting them on. The pro tip is to keep your jewelry abundant when your dress is simple and minimal but if your dress is elite and mesmerizing, keep it low on the jewelry. Keep a balance – it’ll make sure you slay all your outfits.

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