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More Ideas For Upholstery Staple Gun : DIY Project

Summer is a great time for recycling old furniture or doing other DIY jobs. The good weather means you can get outside and work on those projects you’ve wanted to get done. Maybe you’ve got an upholstery staple gun in the drawer, some wood glue and a head full of ideas… or maybe you’re itching to get creative but need some inspiration.

So, here are some great ideas and other projects for your stapler that may get your upcycling neurons flowing.

Home DIY


Woodworking is a great way of expressing your creative side and taking on a new challenge that doesn’t have to be overwhelming. From a simple picture frame to something more complex like a straightforward door frame or window frames.

Other woodworking favourites include:

  • Making a bird house – when it’s a simple one to hang in a tree your upholstery staple gun will make this job a doddle.
  • Making a chicken coup – not only the chicken wire, but the frame can be easily fixed too.
  • Making a trellis in the garden – a trellis is usually lightweight so use the staple gun to build a simple frame.
  • Or making a garden screen – as with the trellis, a screen is lightweight and helps you easily cover any unsightly fencing in the garden.

These are easy jobs and most can be handled easily with a staple gun. As we’ve seen, something like chicken wire can be fixed with ease to wood with hand tools and a garden trellis frame can also be stapled. But, obviously the more complex the job is, and the greater the need for structural integrity, you’ll find yourself needing more suitable tools. But for those quick and easy DIY jobs a stapler is a great tool.

Other uses for that dusty upholstery staple gun around the house include fixing string lighting, either inside or out and simple decorating tasks around the house.


Home DIY

Every carpet fitter or flooring fitter will have a staple gun in their toolbox. It’s a perfect assistant to easily fix down a carpet or fix underlay to floorboards. It’s also good for leaving a small footprint behind – just two tiny pinholes should you want something different in the future.

Another place where a staple gun comes in handy is in soundproofing.

If you play an instrument or have a studio at home you’ll probably be aware there’s a host of products to help with noise dampening and better improved acoustics but how do you fix that carpet to the wall?

That’s where the staple gun comes in. So while soundproofing isn’t about carpeting per se, fixing carpet and moving blankets to help soundproof a room is definitely easier with a tool like a stapler.


Nothing screams staple gun like upholstery. But once you’ve re-upholstered your bed’s headboard and give the kitchen furniture a new seat.

But what else can you cover in fabric?

Just about anything.

And it’s a great way to revive tired furniture.

Other things that are commonly upholstered are:

  • Shelves – covering a shelf in fabric gives an old staple a new twist.
  • Dresser drawers – give each drawer front a different pattern for a unique look.
  • Benches – replace a tired seat on that bench and add a lick of paint.
  • Old coffee tables – add a cushion, cover it and your coffee table is now a bench.
  • Lampshades – if you’ve covered everything else in the room top it off with a fabric lampshade.
  • Photo and picture frames – a photo or picture frame updated with fabric photo frame is a subtle way of adding style to a picture.
  • Ottoman – take an old ottoman or footstool and create an entirely new piece of storage. Great for kids’ rooms.
  • Doors – and that’s not just cupboard doors but entire full-size doors too.
  • Room dividers – if you can’t get a divider you really like, create one of your own.
  • Car interiors – it’s fairly common for specialist or classic car owners to update the interior

General Fastening

Anything else? Well, a staple gun is great for general fastening too.

There’s a birthday party and you want to fix bunting, or pictures to trees in the garden. It’s easy with your staple gun.

Christmas decorations get put up in minutes with the help of a staple gun.

There’s also plenty of YouTube videos filled with ideas, tips and tricks for updating your home. These will include how to choose the right fabric, and how colour schemes work alongside each other.

The limit is down to your imagination.

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