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5 Important Properties of Hyaluronic Serum

Although hyaluronic acids have been around for many years, their popularity has not weakened. Because of its unique properties, hyaluronic acid is used extensively in the skincare industry. It can bind many water molecules, increasing skin hydration and resistance against damage. This compound is highly sought after in the skincare industry due to its availability, biocompatibility, and complete absorption and now it’s been also used as a hyaluronic serum.

The body continually produces, consumes, and synthesizes hyaluronic acid molecules, primarily found in the skin. The body slowly decreases the number of hyaluronic acids it has and synthesizes as we age, reducing the skin’s ability to maintain a healthy hydration level.

Properties of Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum

1. Molecular Weight

Hyaluronic acid’s skin benefits are dependent on its molecular weight and concentration. It is essential to consider the size of the molecule. The molecular mass refers to the size of the Hyaluronic Acid molecule.

This measurement is done in unified atomic mass units daltons, or kDa for short. According to human studies, Hyaluronic Acid between 50 and 1,000 kDa is healthy skin, and 130 kDa is the best. Any higher will not make a significant difference. Anything lower could cause inflammation.

However, one of the most complete studies examined Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular masses, including 50, 130, 300, 800, and 2,000 kDa. They found that the treatment with 130 kDa Hyaluronic Acid increased skin elasticity by 20% after a month. After 60 days, both the 50 and 130kDa groups saw significant improvements in skin texture and wrinkle depth. All other molecular masses’ skin elasticity and hydration were still significantly improved.

2. Moisturizing Properties

Depending on its molecular weight, the best hyaluronic acid serum can moisturize. The hydrophilic properties of its molecules allow it to maintain the skin’s water balance. It can hold as much as 1000 times its molecular weight in water. Hyaluronic acid is absorbed into the skin and binds skin cells to water. This provides all the parts of your skin with replenishing and precious moisture.

Hyaluronic acid provides a beautiful example of how a single component in skincare products can yield tangible outcomes. Hydration isn’t the same thing as moisture to the skin.

3. Regenerative Properties

Wound healing is a complex biological process that involves a series of sequential events to heal injured tissue. The regulation of all stages of tissue repair includes cellular migration, inflammation, and remodeling. They provide a microenvironment for wound healing and activate various signaling pathways in the wound bed.

The essential extracellular matrix component of hyaluronic acid has unique properties that make it a vital player for tissue regeneration.

4. Concentration

Many hyaluronic serums comprise just 0.25-1.75% of hyaluronic acids. They can be quite hydrating for your skin. But, since hyaluronic acid draws all the water molecules when the attention is excessive, it could cause water loss off your skin, negating the goal of a moisturizing serum.

But suppose a high-quality hyaluronic serum is well balanced. In that case, it uses the water molecules in the serum to hold the serum in place, ensuring that your skin is well-hydrated and looks incredible. The percentage of hyaluronic acids to be looking for in serum is less than 2%.

5. Antioxidant Properties

Recent research has shown that Hyaluronic acid benefits include antioxidant properties, which protects against oxidative damage. This is not surprising, as Hyaluronic acid helps heal wounds and soothe inflammation. But, further research is required to determine the antioxidant properties of Hyaluronic acid when applied topically.


Hyaluronic acid is highly valued in cosmetics for its moisturizing properties and anti-wrinkle qualities. It leaves skin feeling silky and soft, which is a pleasant benefit. Hyaluronic acid cosmetic products have many benefits, especially for the skin of the face, and this is evident in the lines created by facial expressions. The skin on the face is the most exposed body part to the sun and environmental conditions. Best Hyaluronic Acid Serum can help to rebalance the skin’s hydration and increase elasticity.

The skin benefits of hyaluronic acid are vast and can be used in many ways. You can use it in products for your face. It is suitable for all skin types, including younger skins who want to hydrate and feel silky and mature skins that need to retain elasticity and turgor.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient in body care products that helps to keep skin hydrated and makes it feel soft and smooth. Recent applications of hyaluronic acids have led to the creation of hair products that offer benefits for both the health and elasticity of the hair.

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