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Indo Western – Perfect Fusion Wear for Women

With the emergence of fusion wear, the Indian fashion industry has certainly been revolutionized. Ladies from the modern generation look for vintage charm without compromising the contemporary style. Indo western dresses are the perfect blend of style and tradition. Sometimes, it’s good and smart to sit on the fence. You are not only staying away from troublesome offenders but can also enjoy the perspectives from both sides. With, fusion wear or the mix of fashion from Indian culture and western outfits, you can celebrate the beauty of both the worlds. Keeping this in mind and the increasing consumers for Indo western wears, most top-notch brands are looking to fill up their stores with the same collection.

The revolution of Indo western wears offers umpteen choices for fashion-savvy consumers who are continuously looking for innovation and experimentation with styles. They are not only stylish but also help you to stand out of the crowd. Most designers create novel attires by taking inspirations from East and West. Indo western dresses provide ample room for being creative with choices of clothes. It is the style through which you can prison break and get released from the shackles of clothing norms.

Fusion theme

Indo Western

The entire theme of Indo western dresses is apt for many categories like footwear, jewellery, clothes, and many. Designers are always looking for new ways to increase exploration and create some extraordinary fashion pieces. The style of Indo western wear is suitable for all age groups, including children in their teens to adults in their forties. The style certainly makes you super elegant and reflects the actual creative person within. Indo western dresses are comfortable and can also be customized depending on personal preferences. For this reason, most women prefer wearing fusion wear at work. This specific style is known for creativity. Recently, Indian prints and ethnic works are getting printed on western outfits to create the perfect blend and make the wearer unique. Ethnic prints are also common on jeans with various patchworks; thus, making the perspective more beautiful and stylish.

The History of Fusion Wear

The history of fusion wear dates back to the era of British rule. With the western colonial invasion, various changes in the social arena started affecting the lifestyle of Indian women. They got influenced by the sense of fashion. Today, Indian women have adapted the style sincerely, and the population of working women is increasingly growing in contrast to the traditional practice of housewives. These changes have brought a massive evolution in the industry of fashion as well. It’s quite common to see different ethnic prints like bagru, kalamkari, ikkat are beautifully re-created on the western outfits, especially on gowns, tops and many. In fact, most women are looking for western outfits with those traditional prints.

The leading lines of fusion wear

Indo Western

Considering the trends of fusion wear, some of the best-selling fashion pieces are kurta with trouser, maxi dress, capes, palazzos and dhoti with kurtis. The most common trend in the field of Indo western wear is draping saree pairing with an off-shoulder blouse or flared palazzo. Tassels and capes are making a hard comeback along with newer versions of lehengas.

When fashion turns fusion, Indian outfits can certainly win the heart of western touch with utmost creativity, including specific cuts in fabrics, waistlines, necklines and other decorations. Women’s wear is the primary area of attraction as most of the Indo western dresses are based on ladies. Before choosing a specific piece, make sure that it fits accurately fits on your body along with increasing the overall attraction.

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