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The Latest Winter Nail Art Trends You Can Follow

Women always tend to be fascinated by the latest in fashion and desire to keep up with what’s in style. Fashion trends are not just limited to hairstyles and makeup; nail art has come a long way in complementing the whole appearance with some added sparkle and style to the hands.

A woman’s nails are undoubtedly among the assets that add flair to the overall personality. It is probably the reason women desire to have beautiful nails. The news is that you can make your nails look eye-catching with DIY nail decoration ideas at home.

Here is a quick rundown of tutorials to learn nail art without any hassle.  

#1. Tri-Color Cliffs Nail Art

Designer nails can make women look fashionable. This nail art is among the most effortless nail art designs that can be learned at home. The good news is that ho extra accessory is needed apart from the nail polishes.

All you need is pastel coral nail polish, pastel blue nail polish, and white nail polish.  The process includes applying a base coat first and creating a vertical stripe on the corner of the nails with the help of pastel blue color. Make sure to leave some area near the cuticle.

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

After that, start applying the paint from the center from lower. Repeat this process with the desired colors, and finally, use the top coat to seal it.

#2. Bow Nail Art Design

Just like rings and bracelets, nail art designs look super stylish and draw attention.  Bow nail art is simple and easy to learn.  For this, you will need a nail striper, both black & white nail polish, and sky blue nail polish. Since this design is casual, you can try it all the time.

The DIY process begins with using sky blue nail polish as the base color to paint all the nails. Make a heart shape on the nails corners by using white paint.  Now, cover the small area where the blue color meets the white with nail striper dipped in black nail polish. It needs careful attention on its way. Finally, you are good to go after applying the topcoat.

#3. Splatter Nail Art Design

While playing around with nails, you can go DIY and create a fascinating splatter pattern.  With your unique sense of style, you can add sparkle to your nails using a paintbrush. Things you will require a stiff paintbrush, pink, purple, light blue, and white nail polish. If you are a beginner, you can visit a renowned salon such as Soho nail bar to get the nail art done precisely.

To make the adorable design, firstly, you will require to use the white color to paint the nails. Use the stiff brush and dip it in the light blue polish. Now is the time to get creative – run your figure through the brush head and let colors splatter on the nails. Splatter some more colors on your nails by repeating the process. Using a cotton swab, you can clean the paint on the sides of the nails. Eventually, seat it with a topcoat.

#4. Chevron Nail Art Design

It may seem like a tricky one, but with little patience, you can master this splendid nail art design. What’s more, is that the design can make everyone fall for it in just one look. Firstly, you need to gather the essentials, such as tape, blue, white, and red nail polish.

Now, apply the red as the base and then place the tape strategically on the nails. Use the blue polish and paint the nails. Make sure to give at least a minute before removing the tape. After this, place the tape gain and paint the nails with white color.

#5. Win Admiration for Unique Sense

There you have it! Fashion trends keep changing with time, and there is no end to the fascinating nail art designs used to beautify the nails. Now, Nail art design at home is no longer in the realms of fairy tales, but a reality. As per the choice of your colors, you can bring your creativity to another level to get beautiful and adorable nail art design at home.

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