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8 Makeup Tricks to Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

Not all of us are bestowed with large and beautiful doe-shaped eyes.While some people have them naturally, some of us have to enhance our eyes to make them look bigger.

So instead of feeling envious for those who possess big eyes, you can follow some tricks to create the illusion of large eyes. You will not only look attractive but also younger, awake and alert.

Here are those tips and tricks that you can easily follow while you apply makeup.

Beauty Salon

#1. Eyebrows make the whole difference

Giving proper shape to your eyebrows is the first step to consider when you want to have big eyes. Take frequent visits to the beauty salon and maintain the brow shape to always look picture-ready. Make your eyebrows bold and dark to draw attention to your eyes. While using a pencil, brush the brow line slightly on the upper side rather than tilting the angle down. Use a clear brow mascara to highlight the thin hairs.

#2. Dark circles are a big no-no

Dark circles, no matter for small or big eyes, make the eyes look dull and unappealing. So, when you are applying eye makeup, make sure to cover the dark circles with the right concealer. Buy a shade lighter than your foundation and brush the colour subtly under your eye area. The now concealed area highlights your eyes,making them look bigger and wider and thus, bringing attention to you.

#3. Pick the right colours and shades

This is for the ladies who always tune towards dark colours for eyeshadows. However, when you want to make your eyes appear big, choosing light colours usually does the trick. Brush nude or light colours to highlight the area between your brows and eyes. It not only creates depth, but also enhances the shape of your eye, making it look large.

#4. Keep your eyeliner strokes simple

Another effective trick is to keep your eyeliner natural and simple. Apply a single line and widen it while reaching the outwards of your eye. Do the same on both upper and lower lids. This encloses your eye in a way that it appears bigger, bolder and attractive. Also, avoid boxing the whole eye with kajal and eyeliner as it makes your already small eye look even smaller.

#5. Make your eyelashes curly and long

Curl your eyelashes using a curler and apply mascara to make them look thick and elongated. Thickening your eyelashes will open your eyes, thus making them look large and wide. Choose the best mascara in the market and apply it to both upper and lower lashes. And if you have short lashes, don’t hesitate to buy false lashes. You can consider them wearing on important occasions.

#6. Give a High-five to nude colours and effects

Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

Next time when you apply eye makeup or during your visit to a beauty salon, consider nude colours to highlight the lower eyelids. This gives the effect of having more open eye area and you will feel your eye enlarged.

However, you must choose the nude shades depending on your skin colour. If you are bronze-coloured, then prefer slightly darker shades to blend with your skin tone.

#7. Right contouring does the trick

Contouring is the best method to highlight your facial features and it applies to your eyes as well. Choose a matte-brown eyeshade and brush it from the outer corner to crease. Doing this will give deeper set eyes, making them larger and beautiful. While contouring, take care that the applied colour blends and mixes well with the skin near your eye.

#8. Highlight your inner eyes with shimmer

Isn’t it interesting to use glitter for making your eyes bigger? It’s true. Apply shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye. It gives a festive look at the same time keeps your eyes big and beautiful. With its fine lustre or shine, you will feel glamorous and confident.

What else you can do?

Always make sure to avoid having puffy eyes. Get enough sleep and keep the moisture intact in your eyes. Doing this will not make your eyes dull and lifeless. Also, if your eyes are red or irritated, don’t rub them with your hands or finger. Instead, use eye drops or rub them with a clean, soft cloth. As redness makes your eyes tiny, always ensure to have bright, white eyes before applying makeup.

Aren’t these 8 tricks simple and interesting? Follow these modifications during your beauty regime and bang! you will have the large-doe eyes that you have been dreaming for.

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