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Are Gift Baskets Still A Thing In 2020?

This year has hit everyone hard—some more than others. But what we can all agree on is the effect of the covid-19 pandemic on our relationships and interactions. Birthdays, parties, graduations, baby showers, or simple Sunday lunch with the whole family are some of the occasions we have not celebrated as we should in 2020.

If, like most people, the pandemic’s economic implications have caught up with you, dealing with them must have been hard on your pocket. But as much as you try to cut down on your expenses, sending gift baskets to your loved ones should remain on your list.

gift baskets

Gift Baskets

Below are some reasons gift baskets are a unique and creative option to send gifts and show appreciation this season.

Unique Options

More than ever, you can get gift baskets with some exciting and unique items. Their contents are different from regular baskets with chocolate and treats. Gift baskets now come in gourmet, exotic, and alternative options for those with an eclectic taste. You can also do gift packing of chocolates and other items.

Suitable for all occasions

One of the many reasons gift baskets continue to remain popular is that they can be appropriate for almost every occasion. They are ideal for events such as Christmas, birthdays, congratulatory gifts, welcome gifts, etc. Unlike flowers or gift cards, you don’t run the risk of offending anyone or coming off as improper if you send a tastefully prepared gift basket.


We can all admit our guilty pleasure. The best part of receiving gift baskets is posting it online. Nothing looks better and gets more likes than the perfect basket, complete with its goodies and bows’ assortment. A tasteful gift basket is sure to freshen up grids and feeds on any platform.

Fun DIY project

If you love crafts or can’t find the perfect gift basket to gift someone, you can always make your own. Gift baskets are a fun and easy project. You can fill them with anything the recipient might like and decorate to your taste. Handmade baskets show an extra level of thought and care was put into them and are sure to be appreciated.

Pocket friendly

If you are looking for a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift, you might want to consider a gift basket. Generic chocolate and fruit baskets start at just a few dollars, and you can add a little extra to get a combo basket. However, before you start shopping, ensure you have sound knowledge of tips in choosing a gift basket, so you don’t overdo or underdo things.

Personalize your basket

Gift baskets are a great way to infuse your style and aesthetics. They are also ideal when trying to be deliberate and intentional.

Suppose you are gifting a present to your spouse and know they like to curl up at night with a good book. A gift basket filled with some great titles, teas, and scented candles is a thoughtful present and one that they will appreciate all the more for representing their interests and tastes.

So much to choose from: Before looking at other specific items and products, there are a wide variety of gift baskets or hampers you could choose from. Edible baskets, novelty baskets, Spa/self-care baskets, Gourmet Baskets, Wine Baskets, Champagne Baskets, Fruit Baskets, Premium Baskets, Chocolate & Sweet Baskets, Coffee & Tea Baskets, and a host of other alternative and combo baskets are all available.

Gift baskets stand the test of time

The holiday season doesn’t end in a day or two. For some, it lasts for two weeks, others for a month. Some people, however, find themselves working all through the period due to the nature of their jobs. No matter where your loved ones stand, the contents of all gift baskets are selected carefully with the aim that you can have them in the house for as long as possible. Consumables in gift baskets are those that typically require less action to preserve. Apart from this, recipients can’t quickly get over your acts of generosity as long as your gifts are still on their shelves. That means you do not only get to gift long-lasting gifts, but you will also remain in their thoughts for weeks.

So, there you go. No matter the year we are in, buy and sending gift baskets cannot become outdated. As the world evolves and values change, gift baskets’ contents are also flexible and adapt to trends when necessary.

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