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Peep These Awesome Alternatives to the Traditional Photo Booths

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The professional photographer you choose will be meticulous in capturing every detail of your wedding. While the photographer will capture significant moments professionally, having a photo booth for your guests will make your wedding more unique and memorable. You can rent traditional photo booths that complement your wedding’s overall theme. However, rather than opting for a standard photo booth, you may enhance the experience even further by coming up with creative options.

Transform your ordinary photo booth into creative and one-of-a-kind photo booth alternatives with these ideas.

1.   Flipbook Booths

Memories are fleeting, and many of us like going back in time with our minds to recall the most beautiful events that have occurred in our lives. As time passes and we find it difficult to recall everything, photos serve as a reminder of some of the moments that hold particular value for us. Especially when it comes to your wedding, you are open to taking photos more than before. But what if those photos can be combined into a flipbook that captures every feeling you’ve had on that special day?

Setting up a flipbook photo booth for your wedding will undoubtedly make the occasion even more memorable. Unique neon signs, such as ‘let’s have fun,’ ‘feel the moment,’ ‘get the vibes,’ or figurines depicting the bride and groom can be used to beautify the background while taking photos. In this way, you’ll enhance the total photo booth experience by creating not just a memory book but also an ambiance full of colors, vibes, and smiles.

Seeing your and others’ emotions and actions in motion will recall lovely memories. You can get even more out of your flipbook photo booth by choosing a 360-degree option which means that you can show your wedding outfit from different angles. This way, you can get unique, and crazy photoshoots with your guests.

2.   A Creative Video Booth

Another alternative to a photo booth is a video booth that combines short videos of your guests making wishes for you, or just sharing their emotions a few seconds to show how happy they are for you. Think of the funny and unforgettable videos you’ll get with your loved ones or closest friends with a video booth. Especially if you have lifelong friends, you can come together to share some funny moments and reveal your true emotions through short clips. All these short videos will be then combined and edited to create a short wedding film. With that in mind, you can set aside a place just for the video booth. To convey the spirit of the wedding, you can add flowers or wedding decorations in the background. And these ideas will come to fruition once you choose a professional wedding videography firm that will bring your wedding memories to life.

You can elevate your video booth to a new level by asking experts to record slow-motion videos as well. Observing people in slow motion would be incredibly fun, especially when someone is dancing or exploding champagne. Making slow-motion videos will allow you and your visitors to relive the enjoyment.

3.   The GIF Booth

Another similar but unique photo booth alternative is the GIF booth. It’s incredible to have a single photo that moves and conveys the range of feelings you were experiencing at the time. If you enjoy being active on social media, you may add a GIF and utilize hashtags to increase engagement. You may produce a GIF that captures the craziness, fun, and positive vibes of your wedding by fusing animated and still photos. And beyond the standard postures used in regular photo shoots, your visitors will be more than eager to add humor and nostalgic sentiments to their photos.

All of the guests come together at your wedding to create a memory that will last a lifetime, and a GIF photo booth is one of the ways to keep your memories fresh and alive.

4.   Photobooth Guest book

Photobooth guestbooks are a fantastic alternative to conventional traditional photo booths. You can request your guests to snap a photo, place it inside the guestbook, and write a short note on it for you and your partner. Then you’ll be able to see the emotions of your guests and their true wishes or notes. This can turn into a wedding guest book, full of memories and vibes.

In light of this, if you are on a tight budget, you may just provide selfie sticks so that your guests can take selfies. However, if you have enough money, you may think about installing cameras so that people can come and snap a picture and add it to the guest book along with a personalized note. To know how you can select a photographer for your wedding, check out this blog about How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer?

5.   The Bus Booth

And how could we neglect the creativity and uniqueness of a bus booth? Nobody would be able to resist asking for a picture op in this space since it is so vintage and cool. Rent a bus photo booth with a set of props, including flowers, unique neon signs, string lights, or a chalkboard. All of your guests will enjoy using this retro photo booth, and after the event is over, you’ll be amazed by the variety of pictures your guests took.

Since a bus is a venue where many people gather together to travel to a specific location, it’s kind of symbolic to have this booth, which reveals that you all share the same objective on this day, which is to enjoy yourself at the wedding. It’s incredible to give retro and nostalgic high-quality picture strips to party-loving individuals so they may preserve them as reminders of the excellent day they’ve enjoyed.

This was a list of incredible traditional photo booths substitutes that you could absolutely try at your wedding to create fresh memories and emotions. Double-check this blog, once you look for unique and original photo ideas for your special day.

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