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Piercing & Jewelry Trends To Have This Festive Season

Though most of us claim to be averse to any trends and cite adages such as style must be eternal in our support, we do succumb to the ordinary cravings of everything that rolls off the block. Yes, style statements are eternal and ought to be so, but if trends don’t shape it, then there is nothing else to look forward to.

Speaking of trends, the newest trends have hit the Jewelry and Piercing Segment, and what follows will simply floor you. 2020 has brought with itself some amazing new styles and trends in piercing and complimenting those with jewelry to leave you utterly speechless.

Gone are the days when piercing jewelry was amazing and taboo at the same time. These days the latest body jewelry trends accommodate all of your inner desires and let you express yourself as free as ever. Some of these spectacular trends will meet you on Instagram, such as –

Curated Compositions

These days nobody wants to get in on the standalone piercings anymore. The new trend in town belongs to curated ears, which is generating all the hype and excitement nowadays.

These days, most people are abdicating what was earlier thought to be more “aesthetic” in terms of piercings. This penchant for making a bold statement is why people are relinquishing individual piercings.

Instead, most people are in favor of more complex compositions. The mad rush of having a constellation of piercings emerges from the belief that the greater number of piercings one has, the more alternatives there exist for them to play with.

Asymmetrical Fun

From the erstwhile classics, the trend has shifted to a more uber-chic look. This is why, after 2019, people mostly prefer such jewelry trends that asymmetrically allow random piercings. Although it is a case of conventional balanced piercings getting a creative makeover, it is nothing new. Asymmetrical piercings are rage since the time of Hollywood body jewelry. The popularized asymmetrical work such as nostril piercings, daith piercings, and tragus piercings are popular and exceptionally eye-catching.

Clustered Piercings

Ever since the popularity of asymmetry and curated compositions has enhanced, it comes as no shock to notice the small microcosms of these trends materializing before our hands. Accordingly, many reports and magazines, too, have highlighted snakebite piercings as one of the most stylish piercings that effectively complement men and women for their clustered constellations.


We must realize that today’s piercings are a means of expression and an integral part of how a person wants to choose their perception. The journey from the depths of taboo to the mainstream, it has always been a problem. But now it is finally getting its due. These matters are integral to the style statement and the perceived looks of an individual. The present festive season is a small example of how one can utilize present-day trends to escape the mundane and opt for something bold.

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