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Pros And Cons Of Tattooing Your Eyebrows

I never thought tattooing would reach this point. Eyebrows tattooing, as most refer it as micro-blading, have been bought about by need of thicker brows at the same time maintaining a natural look. Eyebrows tattooing is becoming very popular, especially among women. It gives them a bolder blow with a texture similar to that of real hair.

Women and beauty! Especially for those with a thin layer, missing spots, or no eyebrows at all, this have become their only option, which is not a bad idea as long as it makes them look good and feel good about themselves. If the tattoo specialist is using the best tattoo machine in the world by approximately 2 hours, the procedure is usually finished. It is nothing more than just a normal tattoo on the arm or belly.

Eyebrows tattooing have minimized the hustle of finding the best eyebrow pencil and also saves time for those who really value it. I think it is worth the shot. After all, it enhances your looks. But the greater question is, does it value all the cash and pain? Examining the advantages and disadvantage of eyebrows tattooing will verify if its worth. Probably you’ll get yourself micro-bladed if you feel it is more advantageous.

Pros And Cons Of Tattooing Your Eyebrows


The bright side of eyebrows tattooing is amazing. This will make you consider your eyebrows tattooed.

Immediate results: Did you think that you have to be bandaged after getting an eyebrows tattoo? It’s just a matter of getting a tattoo specialist, and in not more than two hours, the procedure is done no after treatments or recovery. You can continue with your daily activities immediately after undergoing eyebrow tattooing. The outcomes can be seen immediately; the procedure is complete.

Last for a relatively long period: Eyebrow tattoos can last for up to 3 years. Amazing! That’s a very long time having to look stunning every day with no flop. As much as it is expensive, it serves you for a longer time. Can you imagine how many eyebrow pencils you can buy for a year? Wait! Not even a year. Just a single month? Don’t forget that by the end of one day the color of the pencil will have already vanished.

Hassle-free: You don’t have to rush to the washrooms every time to fix your brow. Will my eyebrow pencil be already faded before my date comes? Is the shape already smudged? These are things that you will never worry about with eyebrows tattoos. No daily routine hassle and no rushing to the mirror every time. You can even wake up 15 minutes after the usual time. Morning made great.

Very safe: Getting eyebrows tattooed, with the best tattoo machine in the world is ideally the safest exercise. They meet the best hygiene standards and ensures that your health is free from any risk. Be sure not risk your health with a cheap tattoo machine; use the best tattoo machine in the world to ensure your safety. Eyebrow tattoo specialists undergo thorough training when purchasing any tattooing kit.

Saves time: As it is said, ‘time is money’. Use the money to save time and make more money. For those who value their time, they can do anything to save a little. Eyebrows tattooing ensures that you don’t have to go through makeup application every day. Can you imagine how much time you will have saved in that case for three continuous years? Eyebrows tattooing is the time savior.

Enhance self-confidence: When you look attractive, you feel good about yourself. This is what drives into self-confidence. Especially for those with little, missing spots or no eyebrows, eyebrow tattooing works perfectly to enhance their self-confidence. When done correctly by a professional with the best tattoo machine in the world, the results will make you happier. High self-esteem comes in.


The dull side of eyebrows tattooing. This is what many people don’t saying about eyebrow tattooing. This will make you think twice about having eyebrows tattoo.

Painful: Eyebrows tattooing is done just like any other regular tattoo. If you think you will ever escape the painful part of it, wake up! This is never going to happen. This only depends on how well you can endure pain. Eyebrow tattooing procedure is never comfortable. So really need to be physiologically composed before getting one. One of the bright side is that the pain is felt only during the procedure.

Costly: You have to dig dip in your pockets or wallet to get an eyebrows tattoo.  The initial cost for the procedure and also cost for maintaining the eyebrows tattoo is very high. Before getting one you should really weigh the weight of your wallet. But I think the results are worth the cost. Any cost is worth your beauty.

Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo

Itchiness: As the procedure occurs, it is more likely to leave you with red and sensitive itchy skin. It, therefore, requires a few days, say one to two weeks to get fully healed. The shortcoming of eyebrows tattooing is that you will feel itchy for a few days until it is healed. But this can be soothed by antibiotics lotions and ointments.

Color: For eyebrows, tattooing is completely sure about the color you are committing to. It may completely affect your complexion. It can make changing other cosmetic aspects difficult. Just imagine you want to change your color, and that’s completely impossible because you will look weird considering the eyebrows tattoo color you opted for. Choosing a natural shape and color helps. Consider short term and also long term aspects.

Startling first appearance: You are about to see a completely different version of you after the eyebrows tattooing procedure is done. If it is not well done in such a way that pleases you, remember there is no turning back. Eyebrows tattoos cannot be waxed. Not at all! You should also be ready for a change in appearance as the procedure causes red itchy skin around the area of your brows after completion.


If the pros outweigh the cons, then the bright side have it. Although eyebrow tattooing is painful, costly, and have other shortcomings, the long term results beat them all. Getting a professional with the best tattoo machine in the world to have your eyebrows tattooed might be the best decision you ever made in your life. It’s time to get micro-bladed. But remember, no one forces you into this. Make the choice that feels better for you.

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