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Protective Coatings Suited Glasses: Durable and Functional

Protective coatings suited glasses offer better functionality. Those who have the weak vision need to take care of their eyes. They have to protect them from any sort of strain. Farsightedness is when you cannot see far clearly, and it gets even more difficult to see clearly when there is haze or fog or the glare of the sunlight is blinding. With advancements in lens technology, peoplecan enjoy better vision clarity in all weather conditions and even under water. When you have special glasses made for specific activities you can do better by seeing more clearly. The eye and mind coordination are enhanced when you use the right sort of eyeglass lenses.

Protective lenses are an important component of all leading sunglass brands. The designers look for ways of adding new lens technologies to look more appealing to their target markets. Throughout the world, consumers are looking for something new that has more benefits for them. All look for low prices and want higher functionality blended in with the latest styles.

Anti-reflective coating, anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating, ultraviolet treatment and various types of tints are all very popular these days. Various types of coatings protect our eyes from likely harm caused by UV rays. The sunrays create a glare on the surface of the snow, water, and roads and this can be eliminated by using an anti-reflective lens in your glasses. The modern lens technology offers various benefits. Users are able to cut out specific types of lights and perform better on the water or on the golf field. In the field of sports, athletes are able to improve their performance by being able to stay out in the sun for longer and by enhancing their visual clarity. Sunrays also cause dryness in the eyes, cataracts, retinal damage and more.

As compared to glass lenses, a plastic lens is easy on the eyes. It is lightweight and also blocks the UV light. By adding the UV-blocking dye designers are able to boost UV protection to 100 percent.  For maximum viewing comfort, while working on the computer, people now use the glasses that have the anti-reflective coating.

Protective Coatings Suited Glasses

Protective Coatings Suited Glasses

All eye shades need to be chosen with care. You have to first select the frame design and then the lenses. When you shop online you can add lens coatings of your choice to your order. Choose from 25% to 100% UV protection to block light that enters your eyes.

Another type of protective lens is the photochromic lens. It turns colors while you step outdoors due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. These optical lenses can be made of glass, polycarbonate, or other types of plastic. The lens returns to the clear state in the absence of the activating light.

Anti-reflective coatings also make the glasses look more attractive. When light reflects on your lenses those looking at you cannot get a clear view of what lies behind the lenses. They can only see a reflection of themselves on your eyeglasses. With AR lenses they can see your eyes more clearly. Wearers are also able to see things without any interruptions. When the roads are wet due to the rains, it is difficult to see clearly and if you have the protective coatings suited glasses with the AR lens you can see much better.

Many people who want their glasses to last them longer add a scratch resistance coating to it. This makes the lens harder and prevents it from breaking easily. AR coating that comes with the Teflon Scratch Guard is very reliable and durable.

The Crizal No-Glare lens also offers a clear vision to people throughout the world.  These easy-to-clean lenses cut-glare, are durable and provide optimal UV protection. If you use computers, get the glasses with Transitions lenses. It blocks dangerous UV rays and filters Harmful Blue Light* commonly found outdoors and from digital devices.

For sports and driving, people prefer to buy polarized sunglasses. You can see colors in their true form in the sunlight which makes for enhanced visual clarity. See things in water or the snow or through glass with more precision. Driving without proper glasses can be dangerous so get a few pairs with polarized lenses to keep safe on the road.

Ray-Ban, Oakley and Maui Jim are the top favorites in the American market. These designers offer the very attractive frames in trendy styles. When you think of buying polarized sunglasses for water, snow or everyday use take a lot at their following models:

  • Sandy Beach by Maui Jim
  • Whisker by Oakley
  • Ray-Ban RB4147 Flat Top
  • Breakwall by Maui Jim
  • Makaha by Maui Jim
  • Stingray by Maui Jim
  • Ray-Ban 4075

All the above designs offer both style and comfort. They are designed to be strong enough to provide heavy duty. You can pay attention to your outdoor sport or drive without any distractions caused by the sun.

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