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10 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Photographers

Photography is an unavoidable part of every wedding. What else is the method to capture the memorable moments of the wedding extravaganza? The pattern of wedding photography is witnessing a monumental change. Earlier it was only limited to engagement day and on the day of marriage. The changing times have brought save the date photos, wedding trailers, post-wedding photography, and so on. The bridegrooms and professional photographers are contemplating more ways to make the wedding memorable.

Kerala is blessed to have numerous talented photographers. The capital city, Trivandrum, and the financial capital, Kochi, lead in the number of professional photographers. People from other districts of Kerala also hire candid wedding photographers in Trivandrum. It is essential to have a wedding photographer, there are many ways by which you can keep the wedding photography within your budget. Paying an exorbitant amount for photography could be avoided if you follow these tips.

Here are the 10 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photographers:

Wedding Photographes

Tip 1.    Browse the list of wedding photographers to choose the right one

As said in the introductory paragraphs, there is no dearth of creatively talented photographers. Almost all of them have a web presence. You can browse through the list of photographers. Based on their work portfolio, you can select a few for consideration. You can contact the studios and confirm their package. Thus, choosing the right one within your budget.

Tip 2.    Discuss/ Negotiate an overall package

Most of the photographers will agree to give a discount if you book them for complete, engagement, pre-wedding, and post-wedding photography. You can discuss the deal with them to gain the optimum benefit in respect of the budget.

Tip 3. Booking in advance can cost you less

Booking the photographers well in advance can save you a lot of money. There is a season for marriage. And the photographers will be engaged and busy throughout the season. A last-minute booking can be expensive. Think about booking the photographer the moment the marriage is fixed. It is must be one of the earliest things to do.

Tip 4.    Get someone to refer

Referral booking will cost you less. The person, who refers you to a photographer, maybe his friend, relative, or a constant customer. The booking through referral can be beneficial for both you and the photographer. As it will help the photographer too, to maintain the relation with the other person.

Tip 5.    Book them for the required time only

The photographer may not be required for the whole day or several days. They can be booked for a specific time. So that all the required functions/ moments could be captured. The photographer can allocate the remaining time for any other function. Thereby, it becomes a win-win situation for both.

Tip 6.    Avoid a TOO big a wedding photographer

With the name and fame goes up, the wedding photographer can raise the charges exponentially. You may not need a famous photographer for wedding photography. A not much experienced, but talented, the photographer will perform the duty creatively and within your budget.

Tip 7.    A photographer located near you may charge less

A wedding photographer at your locality may know you personally. They may charge less for the job. Their travel time and cost, difficulties in carrying the equipment to a long-distance and unfamiliarity of the place are avoided in such a circumstance. Therefore, they also will offer discounts happily.

Tip 8.    Marriage during the off-season or a working day during the season

Although many may not opt for it, a marriage during the off-season can get you the best photographer at a marginal rate. They also will be waiting for work as it is off-season, hence presenting you with unimaginable discounts. Similar will be the case during the marriage on a working day during the marriage season, where there are not many marriages on the same day. This may not be possible, for some of the religions, due to customs requirements. However, the same can save you a lot of money on wedding photography.

Tip 9.    Choose digital albums only

Wedding Photographers

The cost of albums is included in the package. You may not require a printout of all the photos. You can ask the photographer to provide you with a digital copy only. Thus, deducting the charges for albums from the package. You can select the photos subsequently and take printout as and when required.

Tip 10Customise the package

Discuss the possibility of customisation of the package with the photographer you intend to hire. You can trim the photographic sessions in association with the photographer. Make sure that you are including all the essential events and editing out the unimportant ones. This will reduce a lot of costs. Further, the package can be designed to suit your requirement.

Following at least a few of the tips will have a positive impact on your budget. While wedding photography is a vital part, that will present you with moments of nostalgia in the future, it is not necessary to spend exorbitantly. In addition, the money saved could be a bonus for your honeymoon trip.

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