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Summer Is Almost Coming: Falling In Love With Your Favorite Tees

Have you ever thought how the T-shirts became such a stardom piece in the fashion industry across the world? Are you keen to know how these ordinary clothing pieces became the effective marketing tool and a key player of the multibillion dollar industry?

Well, if we look back to the history of T-shirts its rather simple and brief story, however, it’s the one that has made its way to a greater shift that it worth telling and embracing then it is presently.

A Long Story Made Short

Favorite Tees

Favorite Tees

A countable decades earlier, the T-shirts were only the pieces to be worn undershirt, but to this very moment the white collared and blue collared people often wear only for the purpose of undershirt.

The very first T-shirt, have some history of the year 1913 in the American and Spanish War when the US navy ordered them as the undershirts.

Soon after the World War 2 the war veterans were commonly spotted wearing their trouser and Tees as an informal attire. And so by the year 1950 the popularity of t shirt buyer skyrocketed as a separate outerwear attire when Marlon Brando in the film A Street Car Named Desire

From the time till today the Tees have turned around many companies testing and trialing the garments decoration, and came to a methods turning the multibillion dollar industry with screen printing. The companies and business screen print Tees with various designs, logos, names, trade-marks, illustrations and characters. The Miami shift in business referring to 1950 has generated numerous t-shirt from then and now.

So on the Tees are noted and preferred as a means of self-expression, commercial advertisements and divine messages

Strange Facts About Your Best Wardrobe Buddy

Favorite Tees

Favorite Tees

Since we have been wearing the tees in our daily routine not lesser of ten styles stand in our collection many of use even don’t know some strange facts about these casual pieces so here we are to startle you

For a handful of people it might be the case of using common sense, however, we are sure that you are not aware that tees are particularly named with the letter T when outspread

In philosophical manners the tees have come up from the longer under wears or jump suits. In 19th century the people preferring jump suits began splitting the jump suits and long under wears turning them into pieces we know as Tees today

We call the word T-shirt every other day, but, when and where it appeared in black and white for the very first time. No wonder in 1950 the word appeared in the Webster’s’ dictionary and it has been worn for decades prior making the attire 117 year ancient

How many of you are familiar to the timeless magical tale of little girl lost in the Land of Oz. yes! The very first promotional T shirt was printed after the great classic movie Wizard of Oz.

These ordinary attires became the most popular when the pro sports teams and athletes as well as the rock and roll bands started to screen print the Tees for business purpose and these shirts with a rapid shift became chief of fashion trends having some still popular today

The Most Expensive T-Shirt Is It Justifiable

Favorite Tees

Favorite Tees

However, the superlative luxury won the world record amazing the whole world with the most expensive Tees costing huge amount of $400000. But what makes it so expensive, its environment friendliness and the manufacturing taking complete advantage of solar energy and not a single emission of carbon. And the best part, is the circular pattern given the T-shirt is by 16 certified diamonds more to justify the extraordinary value. We sure love the Tees but we bet you will love them more by today.

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