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The Rise of Gemstone Engagement Rings and Why Old is New

Every year approximately 2.4 million couples say ‘I do’ in the United States. However, a growing number of those couples have opted for alternative engagement rings.  According to research, Sapphires, Emeralds, and Rubies are beginning to find their place as both accent and center stones in today’s engagement rings.

Biggest Benefits of Gemstone Engagement Rings:

#1. Affordable Engagement Rings

While there is no denying the beauty of a brilliant diamond, gemstones have spent years in their shadow.  Today, more and more couples are coming to appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous colored stones.  Plus, they tend to be significantly more affordable to diamonds.  Therefore, why not consider a stone that is affordable and beautiful!

#2. Unique Engagement Rings

In addition to second marriages, many young couples are also looking to break from the old fashion traditions of their parents, and diamond engagement rings can be one of them.  A gemstone ring such as an emerald, ruby, or sapphire engagement ring is a great way to put your own spin on an engagement ring.

#3. Greater Selection of Styles

When you open up to the idea of a gemstone engagement ring, suddenly the options are boundless!  Not only can you buy a gemstone ring, but any of the beautiful engagement ring settings on the market today can all be set with a gemstone; this virtually doubles your options!  Here are some of our favorite examples of alternative gemstone engagement rings:

You can also check out below designs as old is new now

There is a time and place for every style of jewelry.  Fortunately, the good ones always come back around.  Here are 5 past jewelry trends that are predicted to make a big come back: including the continued rise of rose gold and the return of the bypass ring.  So many great designs!  Let’s take a closer look…

#1. Bypass Rings

Though they never really left, bypass rings are making a comeback! These free spirited designs are a fresh take on symmetry giving breath and movement to traditional designs. From gemstone to diamond designs, and single to double stone settings, there is a wide variety of bypass rings to fall in love with; here are some of our favorites:

#2. Rose Gold

 Engagement Rings

Rose Gold

Rose gold is back and it’s not going anywhere! Over the past few years we have seen a growing interest in rose gold, so much that it has been added to both the David Connolly and Jabel collections as a standard metal option. This retro precious metal is not only romantic and beautiful, but it pairs perfectly with white or yellow gold, giving you a chic mixed metal look with a feminine touch!

#3. Three Stone Rings

Thank you Prince Harry for bringing back three stone rings! These rings are symbolic, beautiful, and opulent!  However, with a fresh new direction, today we see more and more engagement rings embracing the gemstone movement.  Here are some of our favorite three stone engagement rings

#4. Flat Band Rings

The crisp clean lines of a flat band ring are in striking contrast with some the rounded bands common to the ornate designs that have been popular throughout the past few years.  However, these rings look equally as beautiful with vintage detailing; giving them a romantic feeling with a fresh look.

#5. Symbolic Jewelry

Symbolic jewelry is continuing to gain popularity as it is not only beautiful, but tells the story of a lifetime, a passion, a moment, and a journey. It makes excellent gifts as well as self-purchases during life affirming moments.


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