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Tips: How to Budget for your Wedding Day

Are you a bride on a budget? Watch the video below for an essential guide on how to make budget for your wedding day.

Budget for your Wedding Day:

Many couples assume that planning a wedding is expensive, but a well-organised and comprehensive budget can take a lot of stress out of managing your wedding expenses. This video from Lakeshore Convention Centre outlines some top tips on how to create a wedding budget and offers some advice on how to keep the cost of your special day down.

No matter where you live in the world, weddings are expensive. While the typical Nigerian couple can expect to pay $970 USD for their big day, the average couple ‘down under’ typicallycoughs up somewhere in the region of $66,690 USD.

Wedding day expenses don’t vary much from country to country, with most couples expected to shell out for attire, a venue, flowers and more.  By far the biggest cost is the venue which can take up about 48%–50% of the entire budget. Photography and videography can also be unexpectedly expensive and can comprise up to 12% of the total wedding cost.

One way to prevent unpleasant surprises is to conduct thorough research beforehand; search online and ask your married friends to get an idea of prices and set your budget accordingly. The next step is to create a well-organised budget spreadsheet with three columns: Estimated Cost, Modified Cost and Actual Cost.

There are many #weddinghacks you can try out to lower the cost of your wedding. For example, hosting your ceremony and your reception in the same venue can result in major savings. Another good tip is to schedule your wedding for an off-peak date as you may be able to avail of discounts on the venue and photography.

Watch the video below for even more wedding day budget tips by Lakeshore Convention Centre.

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