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6 Tips on How To Take Wedding Photos For Beginners

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Are you planning to click wedding photographs and searching for the ideas that help you to capture creative wedding photos? Then you are in the right place, in this article we will discuss all the wedding photography and the secrets behind the astonishing wedding photos.

Wedding photography is a complex thing and a kind of challenge because you don’t get any second chance. So, you need to be prepared with all your stuff to avoid any kind of mistake.

It is not about taking the photographs, it’s about making the photographs. You have to be very cautious while shooting the wedding otherwise you will miss capturing the unique and candid moments.

Wedding moments are the best moments of a couple’s life, and everyone wants them to be captured beautifully. Therefore the job of a wedding photographer is very tough as they are going to frame the entire wedding day’s smiling and emotional moments.

Whether you are a professional photographer or you want to do wedding photography in Bristol just for your hobby, the tips we are going to give you will help in clicking breathtaking pictures.

Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners:

#1. Make A Shot List:

The first thing is to do is to create a checklist of the essential shots. This can be done by discussing with a bride and groom one day before the wedding. Note down all must-have shots and don’t forget to include the family members pictures in the list. This can save you and your client’s time and money by preventing the daunting reshoots.

#2. Keep Backups of Everything:

Keep backup of everything like a lens, camera, memory card, batteries, etc. Because the failure of any of these on the wedding day can result in a heavy penalty. If you are new in the photography business or cannot afford to buy extra Gear due to any reason, then it is a good idea to rent the gear instead of buying.

#3. Visit the location in Advance:

Wedding Photography

Wedding Location

Try to take a look at the wedding location in advance, this will give you an idea about how to take the nice shots there. You can also do some practice there by clicking some pictures to get an idea about the background light. Besides, survey the whole area to find out the benches, doors, window, stairs etc, where you can capture the good shots.

#4. Take plenty of photos and don’t “discard” them:

Take a lot of shots and don’t try to discard your mistakes immediately, as it can also cause you to lose a few good clicks. Take a minimum of 10 shots of any pose, this is the best way of getting the wonderful shots.

#5. Try to take more outdoor photos:

Wedding Photography

Outdoor Photography

For beginners, it is quite tough to take photographs inside because of less light. So, try to do a photo shoot outside the party hall. But in case you are clicking photographs then never use flashlights, as it will cast ugly shadows and ruin the images. Instead of using flash, you should switch on all the lights and open all windows and doors to get enough light.

#6. Display your pictures on the Reception:

You can take pictures one day before the wedding day and can display them in the evening time on the day of the reception. Nowadays, it’s become the key part of wedding photography, the photographer brings their laptop with them and surprises family members and friends by displaying their pics on the screen. This adds the fun and entertainment element to the party.


Don’t get nervous and stressed if you are a first time wedding photographer, apply the above-mentioned tips to your photography and start taking astonishing pics. Be prepared with all gears and know your tools well before going to the photo-shoot. You can also take the help of an assistant, who will click all the must-have photos of family and friends, this will allow you to focus on the bride and groom.

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