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Top Engagement Ring Trends That You Must Follow In 2021

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No matter what the situation arises, if people decide to tie the knot, they will, regardless.

And this is what we have witnessed amid COVID-19 too. The pandemic wasn’t able to stop engagements from happening around the world. In fact, people found impressive alternatives to “pop the question” or to utter their “I do’s.”

Even though people thought that 2021 would come to take away the pandemic, it is clear that we are still, very much, struggling with the pandemic. And this means couples around the world will require coming up with creative ideas to celebrate their love.

Well, the creativity should not end up with the celebratory ideas; you have to ensure that the creative foot is taken towards finding the ring too.

So, to help you choose better, we are drafting this blog with a few engagement ring trends for 2021 so that you and your soon-to-be fiancé can become the trendsetters.

Let’s Get Started!

Personalized Stacking Ring Collection

Personalized Stacking Ring Collection

1- Special Ring with Characteristic Intricacies: The uncertainty of the pandemic still continues, meaning it is hard to say if the pre-planned things will work out as expected. So, it is wise to include personal touches in the engagement ring you pick.

And since work from home schedule has offered us enough time on hand, it is better that you use the time to check out what you and your mate wants. This way, you will visit the jeweler with a pensive and profound plan.

2- Band Style Engagement Rings: It isn’t necessary that you should propose your significant other with traditionally designed and styled rings. Many women are going for unconventional band-style rings.

And such designs work well for cultures that do not believe in offering engagement rings to the bride, but instead, a wedding ring is offered directly.

And since there is only one ring on the finger, it becomes easy to follow the safety measures while still retaining the luster of the ring.

3- Classic Rings With A Modern Alteration: Classic rings never go out of fashion. So, no matter what century we are in, people will still adore the chicness of classic rings.

However, with the endless designs available, you can easily tweak the Classic ring settings and make it unique yet modern for the soon-to-be fiancé.

The timelessness of the classic ring and a hint of modernism on it will make the engagement ring super remarkable to the wearer, meaning the bride will have a trendy piece forever.

4- Petite Side Stones: We know that celebrities sport their huge diamond rings, but that doesn’t mean that the special someone in your life will love them too. Many women love to wear petite side stones that are equally contemporary yet delicate.

You can affix the engagement ring with the classic three stones or prefer clustering the engagement ring with many smaller diamonds to create an illusion of one small diamond.

5- NSEW Prong Style: Prong style is one of the common types of ring settings for diamonds. But you can add a little twist of vintage by reducing the total prongs and go for only four or fewer prongs.

NSEW (North South East West prongs) or East-West cuts add a unique spin of classiness to the engagement ring. For instance, you can use an emerald cut gemstone and include a quirky adjustment by affixing tiny diamonds on the shank of the engagement ring. Or, if you wish to keep it simple, then avoid extra detailing on the shank.

6- Emeralds: Emeralds are making their entry in 2021 again. In fact, this entry will last longer than you expect.

Emerald is one of the most common alternatives of diamond gemstones opted by many couples around the world. It is a classic stone with an impressive pop of hue and elegance, but without the identical rate label as the diamond.

Many Jewelers also create bespoke adaptations. So, if you have a style and design in mind that is too boring, then opt to change the ring with a colored gemstone, especially a family heirloom.

7- Yellow Gold: You may think platinum or white gold is the common band style for a wedding or engagement ring. But since you are looking forward to following the trend, there is nothing wrong with setting one too.

We aren’t sure how people will treat rose gold this year, but we certainly know that most of the Engagement ring settings will have a lovely golden hue to them.

Engagement Ring

So, choose to style your engagement ring with a metal band that is highly appraised and elegant.

8- Follow the Online Shopping Path: The online world contains more than just your zoom meetings.

We know that people don’t usually think of buying precious jewelry online, but pandemic has forced us to shop things online, regardless of the consequences.

But don’t worry, online jewelers are quite smart. They have improved the way they make diamond jewelry deals online. You will receive extensive designs and styles. Plus, the delivery packages are fully insured and sent through secured postal services.

To Summing Up

Selecting an engagement or wedding ring is a personal affair, meaning not many people like taking tips from others in choosing something unique. And that is why we have made sure that our blog contains tips that will guide you and not order you to take actions in a particular way.

Use our tips, but make sure that the ring you pick is based on the wearer’s personal style and preference.

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