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Top 6 Trending Wedding Themes of 2020 To Watch

Wedding is one of the most special days in one’s life. It’s not only about two people promising to be with each other for a lifetime, but also two families making their bonding stronger.

There are plenty of themes trending today. We have seen how wedding planners also come up with classic and modern themes together.

Today, in this blog, we are going to share with you the top six wedding themes of 2020 that you can have it for your wedding.

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Trending Wedding Themes of 2020

Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes

#1. Rustic Theme

The first wedding theme that is always in trend is the rustic theme. Often people confuse the rustic theme with vintage weddings. But there’s a huge difference between the two.

While Vintage is all about having a Victorian touch while Rustic theme is primarily focused on the natural elements and beautiful outdoors. Mason jar filled with fresh blooms, simple décor depicting a brilliant color palate, and barns, farmhouses are great locations for the Rustic theme.

#2. Bohemian Theme

There’s hardly anyone who would not adore Bohemian theme. It is inspired by nature and of course, beautiful outdoors that brings the soft and delightful look at the wedding.

The true essence of the Bohemian wedding lies in being free and wanderlust. Greeneries, flowers, dream catchers, and stunning botanical décor is what Bohemian theme all about.

#3. Beach Theme

Beach Theme

Beach Theme

The smell of fresh air and salty hair make everyone dizzy.  Beach theme weddings are becoming famous among everyone, as it is one of the most romantic and relaxed wedding themes.  Sand between the toes, music of water waves, and experience the wedding at sunrise or sunset with the loved ones.

Lanterns, candles, fresh flower bouquet, and beach themed reception that is gorgeous and romantic.

#4. Geometric Theme

One of the latest trending themes of 2020 is the Geometric theme. For someone who is fond of cleanliness but wishes to bring the right burst of colors together can have this theme wedding. It’s contemporary style yet mixed with modern décor ideas for the young couple.

Geometric shaped hangings, flower centerpieces, and pastel colors are must in the Geometric theme wedding. Besides, the background should be in contrast that would highlight it and give fine shape.

#5. Whimsical Theme

The whimsical theme is full of trendy and inspirational. The whimsical theme will comprise of various color palates that will uplift the vibrancy of the wedding. Alongside, there are many eccentric bohemian components added to the whimsical theme. Multicolor balloons, streamers, flowers, bouquets, mismatched chairs, and many more elements are added.

#6. Southern Inspired Theme

Southern Inspired Theme

Southern Inspired Theme

There’s something so charming and appealing about the Southern Inspired theme. Pastel hues, fragrance filled flowers for the décor, simplicity, rustic details, mason jars and burlaps for the interior. It calls for the Southern Inspired theme.

Don’t forget to use the monogram for an enchanting look. The best part of the Southern Inspired wedding is delicious food.

So, that was all about top six popular and trending wedding themes of 2020. Remember, these themes are a perfect and great way to make your wedding-worthy and memorable. If you like the blog, don’t forget to share and drop your suggestions in the comment section.

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