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Vivacious Lehengas for the Bride Awaiting her Day Wedding

As a would-be bride, you are eagerly forward to your wedding day. Naturally, you would like to gloriously graceful and beautiful on this very important day in your life. Therefore, give some thought to the colours that you would like your wedding attire to display on that day. We have a few suggestions regarding good-looking hues for a bridal lehenga-choli-dupatta ensemble. Take your pick from the palette of colours, ensuring that they highlight all the assets of your vivid personality!

Red, Yellow and Gold are Vivacious



It is amazing how good every woman looks in red! Additionally, it is the traditional colour of a wedding dress. Therefore, if you would like to adopt this timeless and vibrant colour for your stunningly designed lehenga, go ahead!

Yellow need not be a ‘dirty fellow’ always! In fact, the perfect shade can make you look gorgeous and lively, especially when displayed on a flared lehenga, designer choli and matching dupatta.

A third option is to take up the role of the Golden Girl. Oh, you will keep the atmosphere illuminated throughout, thanks to the sparkle, opulence and glitter of your outfit! If you wish to break the possible monotony of the golden-coloured lehenga and choli, opt for a dupatta in a contrasting colour.

Pink and Peach are so Feminine

Several shades of this fabulously feminine colour are highly popular! Take your pick from amongst them. To illustrate, if you have always been fond of the pink colour of candyfloss, you might like the same to be replicated on your wedding dress. Alternatively, you might contrast it with another colour too.

Then again, you might prefer the shade that you view on a bubblegum. While magenta or fuchsia seem rather ‘loud’ for a wedding ceremony, bubblegum pink will definitely make you look poised and elegant.

Now, are you the type, who always shies away from brilliant yellows, reds or oranges? Well, then, blush pink is the right choice for your sober mindset. This pastel shade should grant just the right colour to your personality.

Finally, if you desire something that is neither too subdued nor too feisty, opt for dusty pink. It will not hurt anyone’s eyes, as does shocking pink!

Now, if you want to avoid pink altogether, you may choose peach. However, adhere to a pale shade, for it makes you look delicately feminine and elegant.

Emulate Mother Nature

Everyone knows that green is wonderfully cooling to the eyes! Furthermore, it looks superb anytime of the day or the night! Therefore, without giving it another moment’s thought, opt for a shade of mesmerising moss green on your attire.

Mint herb displays a splendid shade of green too. In fact, mint green makes you look very fetching, fashionable and pretty! Everyone, who looks at you, will feel relaxed and peaceful.

Sage green is a new-age entry into the world of bridal lehengas. If you hate having to do with neutrals, opt for this colour. You are bound to make a fashion statement with this bold choice!

Strike it with Blue

Blue Lehenga

Where there is green, there is bound to be blue too! However, choose the shade with care. For instance, indigo and midnight blue shades will not really suit a day filled with sunshine. They are better kept for ceremonies that take place in the night. Instead, go for dusty blue or a pastel shade of blue.

On the other hand, if you wish to give the impression of ‘as cool as ice’, ice blue is your colour! Have the designer scatter attractive floral motifs across the outfit, and subtly introduce gold threads into the trimmings.

If you want to go a step ahead in your desire to look contemporarily bold, choose turquoise blue. Additionally, even if you feel nervous from within, a bridal lehenga of this colour will keep you looking serene and poised throughout!

Miscellaneous Choices

Lilac and lavender, both, represent a pale purple shade. However, they look bewitching, despite their simplicity and pleasantness. Therefore, if you would like to move away from the traditional, try these shades, instead of dark purple or ultra-violet.

Innocent white and pristine ivory can make you look marvellously aristocratic. There is a purity and shine to your outfit, which will make everyone gasp with wonder! Furthermore, the colours introduce a sense of relaxed calmness into the atmosphere!

This is for the bold and beautiful, the voguish mindset or the ultra-modern personality! Yes, indeed, we are talking about metallics! It is quite the rage on the bridal scenario nowadays.

Nude colours are also fashionable, as evinced by the popularity of nude beige. You might use such shades to begin a novel fashion trend.


Bridal lehengas have begun to move away from traditional colours, such as red and gold, nowadays. The contemporary mindset is happily experimenting with all manner of hues.

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