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How The Wedding Dance Lessons Add More Style

Wedding dance lessons teach you the moves that you will be proud of. When you dance with your new partner for the very first time at the wedding, you have to move in the perfect way with the music. With all eyes on you, it could be very embarrassing when the dance steps go all wrong. If you have not danced much throughout your life, a few lessons will help boost your level of confidence and prepare you for the big day.

Planning a wedding can get hectic. You have to choose the venue, the wedding dress, cake, flowers, and the photographer. All this requires a lot of consideration as you want everything to be perfect for your wedding day. This leaves you with hardly any time for the wedding dance lessons.

Some dance studies are flexible to the needs of their clients and will give you an appointment based on your own schedule. The dance lessons can be scheduled around other commitments. These could be without a pattern to meet your need.  Plan the lessons for daytimes or evenings, on weekends and weekdays as you like. Private lessons are arranged for busy people. The choice of music is important. If you have some favorite numbers, you can suggest these to the dance instructor. They too can advise you songs that will go just right with the wedding dance.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons are a lot of fun. You can have your entire team practice with you for the special event. With ample practice, there will be no stress about it and you can enjoy the special moments as you move flawlessly across the floor. Wedding dance choreography is important, and the dance studios will take care of that.  If you have never danced, worry not! The instructors are good at working with total beginners and will bring out the best in you. If you have a unique idea, the team at the dance studio will work with it. You can even choose a funny dance routine if you like.

When you plan to choose a dance studio for your lessons do make sure they have good customer services. The last thing you want during your wedding arrangements is bad customer services. So, spend some time with the dance instructor and they will work through your wedding dance ideas. Ask questions if you need to and get their valuable professional advice.

For the first spin with your spouse consider one of the following dances:

  • The Sway
  • Nightclub Two Step
  • The Classic Waltz
  • The Swing
  • The Foxtrot
  • The Rumba
  • Mambo & Salsa Dance

#1. The Sway

This is a slow dance that is very easy to learn. Beginners that do not want to spend a lot of time learning something complex can do well with the Sway. You simply have to sway back and forth with your arms wrapped around your partner. It is an elegant and relaxing dance that allows you to have some conversation while you dance. Choose a sentimental slow song to go with this style of dance.

#2. Nightclub Two Step

This is also a slow dance which is a bit more formal than the Sway.  It has a specific hold. The right hands are held together while the left is placed on the shoulder or the waist. Partners move sideways and also rotate. The dance can be customized with added spins or dips or lifts. The song for this dance can be the same as that for the Sway.

#3. The Classic Waltz

Wedding-Dance Lessons

Wedding-Dance Lessons

Waltz is a bit faster than the Sway or the Nightclub Two Step. There are various forms of Waltz that include American, Country Western, Cajun, French, International, and Viennese. Ballad music goes well with all forms of Waltz. Professional instructors will teach you how to take the box steps and turn with the music. The pattern of the moves has to be maintained for the dance to look elegant.

#4. The Swing

Wedding Dance Lessons

There are many styles in Swing dance that you can choose from. First take a look at the jitterbug, jive, boogie, Lindy hop, East Coast, and West Coast swing before you make a decision. It is a fast dance that requires a few lifts, fast turns, and leg kicks. If you are in a mood to kick off the marriage with some retro detail, this style will be just right for you. You will need to change into a flowy dress, dance shorts and wear comfy shoes.

 #5. The Foxtrot

This is a very playful dance that is something between the Waltz and the Swing dance. You can choose an old classy number or a modern beat for this dance. Classes are very important if you choose the Foxtrot. The moves are complicated, and practice will make you perfect.

#6. The Rumba

The Rumba is a Latin dance that requires a lot of hip-work and turns. It is sensual and has fluidity. It is easier to learn as compared to Salsa or Mambo. You will surely require some lessons to learn the right moves.  Your dress has to comfortable and it is a good idea to practice it with the wedding dress on or wear another dress for the dance.

#7. Mambo & Salsa Dance



Both the Salsa and Mambo are fast-paced dances. They are faster than the Rumba and have some difficult steps. The Mambo is a bit disconnected while Salsa has more rhythm and more fluidity. It is a good idea to allow the instructor to choose the music for this dance. This style of dance will require you to carry a change of clothing to the venue.

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