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Planning of Wedding Rings? 5 Pointers That Should Be In Mind

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Wedding rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that symbolize certain essential milestones of a marriage. They are generally bands of precious metals that are inlaid with precious gemstones like diamonds and rubies. Anniversary bands are traditionally gifted on the notable anniversaries, like the 10th anniversary, 25th anniversary, etc. However, they can be gifted on any anniversary that is important to the couple. The anniversary ring’s purpose is to act as a symbol for the time you and your partner have spent in matrimony.

It is a testament to the memories and milestones of your life together. It is a beautiful and unique souvenir that will mean a whole lot to your spouse. But buying the perfect anniversary ring for your partner can be a difficult task. To help you make your purchase, here are five pointers you should keep in mind.

#1. Choose The Anniversary Ring So That It Matches/Contrasts With Your Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Classic Style Diamond Wedding Rings

The first choice that you need to make is whether you want an anniversary ring that contrasts or complements your wedding rings. A complementary design would be going for a ring that is similar to the design of the engagement ring or the wedding ring. A different thing would be to choose a ring that is starkly different from your partner’s contemporary wedding jewelry. So, deciding on what kind of theme you want, you can start to choose from a whole other variety of anniversary wedding rings. You could also do it alternately, with complementary rings for anniversary and contrasting ones for the other.

#2. Choose The Kind Of Metal And The Gemstones You Want

There are traditional choices for the kind of metal and gemstone that is appropriate for a particular milestone. For example, the diamond is the gemstone of choice for the 10th anniversary while it is the emerald for the 20th anniversary. However, if you do not want to stick to traditional options, you can pick the metal and gemstone that your partner prefers. It will differ for every couple, so you should figure out what kind of gem your spouse likes best.

You can do this by taking them window shopping or asking them directly. If a specific style or gemstone has some private value to both of you, it is an excellent idea to go for it. You can also keep it simple by opting for gold wedding bands if you decide to renew your vows.

#3. Involve Your Partner In The Shopping

It is an optional pointer because you might want to surprise your significant other with a new anniversary band. However, if it’s not a surprise, you should take the person to go shopping along with you. If you buy together, then you can both get the perfect rings that you were looking for. You could also explore alternative options like matching wedding bands and supplementary jewelry pieces like lockets and bracelets. One of the best ways to make the right choice is to shop together and pick the perfect rings together.

#4. Consider Going For Infinity Bands

Something that you can consider now is going for eternity rings instead of the traditional anniversary rings. Eternity rings are unique pieces of jewelry whose circumference is fully inlaid with precious stones. They symbolize the eternal and undying love and commitment that a married couple has for each other. They are lovely and are very suitable as anniversary presents. They come in various sets and styles. The most popular styles include the claw set, the channel set, and the cut-down set.

#5. Know About The Standard Wedding Ring Settings

Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding Bands for Women

You should also consider the kind of ring setting that your partner will prefer. The choice of wedding ring setting depends on their physical build, preferences, and many other factors. Here is some of the conventional ring setting types that you can see commonly in anniversary bands.

  • Pavé Setting: The pavé setting is where the gemstones are inlaid on the ring tightly and compactly. When it comes to rings of the pavé style, usually small diamonds are chosen. The name “pavé” comes from the pavement, as the gems are fit together like cobblestones on the street.
  • Bezel Setting: A bezel setting is an exquisite ring setting that places the main gemstone with a high bezel collar that completely wraps around the stone. This style is trendy because this ring setting makes the stone appear larger than it is. It securely places the gemstone and is an exquisite choice.

With these quick tips, hopefully, your ring purchase will be useful, easy, and fruitful!

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