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Where to Travel in 2021 in France, in Europe, and in the World?

It’s time to take stock of our 2019-20 trips and get inspired to travel in 2021, whether in France, Europe, or on the other side of the world. A year rich in distant destinations with our trips to Thailand, New York, Bali, Mayotte, Mauritius, and Reunion Island. In Europe, Rotterdam in the Netherlands was our flagship destination of the year. In mainland France, between Grand-Bornand, Montbéliard, Corsica, and the south-east of France, 2019 (2020 was not much travel friendly) will once again have been a year rich in discoveries and encounters in our beautiful regions. In this blog post, you will know where to travel in 2021 in France, in Europe, and in the world?

Here is the plan for this festive blog post:

Travel in 2021

Travel in 2021

  1. Traveling to Thailand in January
  2. February in the mountains in the Alps: Grand-Bornand resort
  3. Traveling to Corsica in April
  4. Traveling in May in the south of France
  5. Traveling in July to Bali in Indonesia
  6. Visit the country of Montbéliard in eastern France in August
  7. Visit New York in September
  8. Visit Rotterdam in October
  9. Traveling in the Indian Ocean between Mayotte, Reunion Island, and Mauritius in November

1. Travel to Thailand in January

2019 got off to a good start in sunny Thailand. Between the visit of the capital Bangkok, the cultural route of the North, and the paradisiacal islands of the South in the Andaman Sea, we never had time to be bored. This is not our first stay in the land of Smiles, but we love the special atmosphere and its friendly people so much that we never tire of visiting Thailand. Rather used to coming in summer and ending our stay in the Gulf of Thailand, this time we opted for the islands of the Andaman Sea in January, more suitable for this time of year.

We stayed for the first time on the dream islands of Koh Lipe and the lesser-known Koh Mook.

2. February in the mountains in the Alps: The resort of Grand-Bornand

Between Le Grand-Bornand and us, it’s a beautiful story that has already been written for a few years. After the first stay in summer, this time, it is in the middle of winter that we rediscover the Alpine resort. Like Quebec, the French Alps offer two very different faces depending on the season. We were therefore really looking forward to discovering the authentic and family resort under its thick white coat.

The resort of Grand-Bornand obviously offers to go down the slopes of its domain in alpine skiing. It is also famous for cross-country skiing. You can of course also learn about other Nordic activities in the resort, always finishing your day around a local specialty. Cheese is obviously part of the menu! Finally, the Grand-Bornand resort also knows how to put art forward, from the covering of the cable cars to the murals that color the mountain village.

3. Travel to Corsica in April

Corsica in west Corsica, a territory that extends around Porto. An ideal corner of France to explore in the spring. Corsica is a destination that we know well. 3rd stay for us on the Isle of Beauty and yet it is always with so many emotions that we set off to discover this piece of land in the Mediterranean and its inhabitants so proud of their territory. As we understand them. West Corsica is the natural and authentic destination in Corsica where you can spend a rejuvenating holiday between the sea and mountains just 30 km north of Ajaccio.

The 33 municipalities around Porto constitute this territory of which the unmissable creeks of Piana are of course part. There are a thousand places in the region that invite you to explore the villages and hikes in the countryside. Perched in the middle of the mountains or built by the Mediterranean Sea, the villages of western Corsica also combine culture, heritage, and traditions.

4. Travel in May in the south of France

Travel in 2021

In May, we went on a “tour de France” as we like to do every spring, focusing during this new edition on the coast of south-eastern France from Nice to the Camargue via Cannes, the Hyères Islands, or Esterel. A month between land and the Mediterranean Sea. After a short flight from the Isle of Beauty, we meet in Nice. We already know the region well and we nevertheless discovered so many new sites and new activities at each stage. We had fun with this new edition of our “tour de France”.

5. Traveling in July to Bali, Indonesia

Between Bali, Indonesia, and us, it’s a love story that has lasted for 8 years. And we never stop exploring it during our stays. This year, we decided to rent a villa for 1 month in order to relax on the Island of the Gods.

Result: A dream trip of 2 weeks that you will be able to experience with us either in June or in September.

6. Visit the country of Montbéliard in eastern France in August

Montbéliard and its territory were still unknown to us until August 2020. A little corner of France that managed to charm us in just 5 days on-site. If you are looking for a destination between a medium-sized town and nature for a weekend or a short stay in eastern France, the Pays de Montbéliard is a destination that we really recommend to you. There are several fun activities to involve within the region. We flew for the first time in a hot air balloon but also visited the region in a vintage car. And that is of course not all.

7. Visit New York in September

New York, a destination in the American East that we reserved for our old days. We must believe that we are there LOL. More seriously, we spent 10 days in the Big Apple and we might as well tell you right away, we loved it. Between visiting the contrasting districts of New York, the tours to visit, the museums, the shops,…, no time to get bored. New York is a dream and it is also one of the destinations that attract millions of tourists every year, so beware of accommodation prices which can quickly skyrocket. Booking your activities and accommodation in advance is essential to make the most of your stay in New York.

8. Visit Rotterdam in October

As soon as we get back, we go to the Netherlands to visit Rotterdam, which is nicknamed the “Manhattan on the Meuse” or “the little Manhattan of the Netherlands”. We couldn’t ask for a better sequence to spend a long weekend in the sun in Europe in the fall. Rotterdam, however, has all the advantages of a great one. A real center for architectural experimentation. The impression of visiting an open-air museum.

Looking to the future, Rotterdam offers many attractions and tours not to be missed. We retain of course the essential cubic houses but also the Markthal market, the central market of the city. And that’s not all, of course. Rotterdam is one of our favorites of the year but also European cities to absolutely visit in 2021. An inexpensive destination in Europe and only 2h30 from Thalys from Paris.

9. Travel in the Indian Ocean between Mayotte, Reunion Island, and Mauritius in November

Travel in India

If you want to escape the weeks of bad weather in Europe, the islands of the Indian Ocean are for you. Be careful though with the hot weather which could be difficult to bear if you arrive too late in the season. We went on a 1 week trip to Mayotte nicknamed the lagoon island, 3 weeks on Reunion Island, and finally 1 week on Mauritius. The perfect opportunity to travel between authenticity and dream landscapes. As for activities, there are endless experiences to be had between the lagoons and inland. Each island of course has its own identity. This is why we advise you to combine at least 2 of these destinations for your next trip to the Indian Ocean.


Travelers will have taken on several faces again this year. From the journey that replenishes to the journey that makes you stronger, from the challenging journey to the passionate journey, there are many ways to travel and that’s what we love, surely you too. We realize that the list of destinations is still so impressive every year. The opportunity to thank you, passing reader or faithful reader, because it is thanks to you and all of you that the Adventure can continue.

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