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Which Beard Style Makes You Look Trustworthy?

It might seem strange to be considered more trustworthy just because of the beard you wear. The reliability of your beard depends on the different beard types.

There is obviously no real contradiction or connection between beard style and reliability. It’s about why you perceive a person’s personality and how. As the quote says: “Beauty is something that lies in the eyes of the beholder”. That said, let’s address another important thing about a man’s appearance.

The first impression lasts a long time. If you don’t have enough time to judge someone by what they do, you need to judge them by their looks. With that in mind, you can find beard styles as a great way to gauge reliability.

On a scale of “good” and “bad”, “yes” and “no” there is a large gap between the two points. Most of us fall within this range. There is much more to discover on the beard reliability scale:

How reliable is your beard?

A beard can cover up to 60% of our face. This explains the importance of facial hair to our daily life and how it affects other people. A beard is one of the primary parts of the first impression on someone.

Is it possible to know whether a person is trustworthy or not just by looking at how they keep their beard? It sounds illogical and a bit childish, but a beard definitely has an impact on how other people (in) consciously value you. It is a part of our psychological response to an individual’s appearance.

According to surveys, a well-groomed full beard well-groomed full beard, philosopher’s beard, goatee with mustache are the most reliable beards. This means that if someone wears a full beard, most of the people interviewed found him more reliable than a shaved man.

But did you know, of the three mentioned above, we tend to trust mustaches, cop schnauzers, and chinstrap the latest of all.

Sideburns and narrow mustaches do not create an impression that depends on the style of the beard. These two are neutral.

“Chin Tufty” with schnauzer, gunslinger, walrus and curly mustache, goatee only, horseshoe beard and chin-tufted beard are seen as rather unsightly.

Here are other reasons for you to grow a beard.

  1. The beard makes you attractive! Many surveys have been conducted that prove that most women love some facial hair on a man. They are attracted to men whose lower half of their face is covered with facial hair.
  2. A beard saves time. On average, a man spends 139 days of life shaving. Think about how much time you could save if you could start after waking up instead of standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom and shaving off yesterday’s beard.
  3. A beard makes you look more mature. For those of you with baby faces, growing a beard can actually make you look bigger! You will no longer be tormented by looking like the youngest man in the room!
  4. A beard makes you look more manly. For as long as we can remember, a beard has been associated with masculinity because it usually cannot be grown until after puberty.
  5. The beard keeps the face warm in winter. It’s like a permanent cover for your face! You can endure harsh winters much easier than a clean-shaven man.
  6. You will feel more confident. Instead of a clean-shaven face, a well-groomed beard will most likely improve your appearance. This leads to more self-confident behavior!
  7. You won’t have that many pimples. Since your beard traps bacteria, you actually prevent bacteria from entering your skin that cause unwanted annoying pimples! However, it is important to clean your beard and underlying skin thoroughly and regularly.

Taking care of your beard

Clean your beard

The general rule here is: wash your beard only twice a week with a mild shampoo, otherwise rinse only with warm water. This does not disturb the skin’s sebum production and does not dry out it unnecessarily. When using a shampoo, make sure it does not contain surfactants or harsh scents, as they can cause irritation and dandruff. There is no need for a special “shaving shampoo”, a mild baby shampoo is also suitable. While drying, do not “rub” the towel with the towel, but gently pat the beard.

Beard oil

Beard oils are mainly based on vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil or argan oil, which not only make beard hair softer and more smooth, but also promote beard growth. It takes care of your skin, soothes it, and reduces redness and irritation. You need to make sure that the active ingredients that are used in beard oil are chemical-free, pure, and of natural origin. It is also very easy to use: after cleaning, suck the oil with the pipette and then put a few drops (4-8 drops depending on the length of the beard) in the palm of your hand. Rub the product lightly into your palms (this will warm it), then massage into the beard and skin underneath. In this way, the beard is optimally supplied with vitamins and active ingredients 24 hours a day. In summary, it can be said that a natural origin beard oil provides the skin under the beard hair with moisture and vitamins, which makes the beard hair brittle and unruly softer and shinier and also gives the beard a good scent. Advice! Please don’t use too much beard oil, otherwise your beard may quickly look greasy.

Beard restorer

Since not all men are lucky enough to have a thick, full beard on their face, many wonder which products can stimulate or accelerate beard growth. With a little patience, a shaving serum in combination with a derma roller can bring good results here. The skin is pierced using the microfine titanium needles, the serum is better absorbed and channeled into the skin. It stimulates blood circulation and improves collagen formation which has a positive effect on the roots of your beard. For home use, the needle length should not exceed 0.5mm. The beard serum should contain active ingredients such as biotin and vitamin E, which at the same time strengthen and nourish the skin under the hair.

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