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Which Jewellery Suits Your Skin Tone Best?

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Have you ever purchased a piece of jewelry, and then when you put it on, you realized that it didn’t look as opulent and complementary as you thought it would be? Chances are that it had something to do with your undertone. How does that happen, though? Well, it has something to do with color theory: some colors naturally pair better than others. The color of your skin’s undertone and the shade of jewelry you wear can either clash or work in harmony depending on the pairing. Let’s understand a bit more about what role your skin’s undertone has to play when it comes to choosing jewelry, and how you can navigate what will suit you best.

What Difference Does it Make?

At the end of the day, no one is obligated to wear jewelry (or anything else for that matter) simply based on what suits them best. After all, style is subjective, and what you think looks good may not match what appeals to someone else’s taste. With that in mind, color theory has been around for a long time and there is a lot of logic to what it suggests by saying some color combos work better together than others. So, what do we mean when we say a piece of jewelry will suit one’s undertone better or worse? It comes down to what jewelry washes you out and what materials highlight your features, helping you glow. Colors and shades that clash too much with your undertone can make you look washed out and drained. This doesn’t only apply to jewelry! Fashionistas around the world are using knowledge of their undertones to pinpoint what colors of clothes and accessories make their look “pop” more than others.

Finding Your Undertone

It’s important to differentiate your skin color (fair, olive, tanned, or dark) from your undertone since it’s the latter that has more of an impact on what jewelry suits you best. If you’ve already identified your undertone, then you can skip to the next point. Don’t know yours or not sure? Finding your undertone is a simple process that you can do at home within a few minutes. You can even go to your favorite professional jewellery store and ask for an expert opinion and recommendation next time you go shopping.

There are three undertones: warm, cold, and neutral. You may find people who argue that there’s only cool and warm, too, but there’s always room for interpretation. One of the quickest methods to identify your undertone is to take a look at your veins. If they appear blueish or leaning towards purple, then you have a cool undertone. With green veins, you have a warm undertone. If it’s difficult to pinpoint the color, then you’re most likely neutral. Another way you can find your undertone is by gazing into your eyes … seriously. Hold up a piece of jewelry made of different metals up to your eyes and see which ones make them pop. This will help you understand which hues match with your complexion better overall. You can also throw together an outfit with different jewelry and see how all the colors compare. Do you feel that you look better in one more than the other? The answer lies in your assessment.

Matching Your Tone With Jewellery

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Without further ado, let’s see what colors of metal and gemstones you should consider the next time you want to adorn yourself with jewelry.

  • Cool tones — Silver or platinum metals are typically best for people with cooler undertones since they complement them well. Gold jewelry may appear heavy on your complexion or contrast too much. Since you have a blueish, grey, or purple undertone, choosing gemstones or accessories within those color palettes is optimal, too.
  • Warm tones — Have a red, pink, or orangeish undertone? Then gold jewelry is your go-to. Silver tends to make people with warm undertones washed out and drained, which is why you should go for metals with warmer tones. Rose gold, for example, is another great metal choice. If you really want to wear silver jewelry, try offsetting the paleness of the metal by ensuring there’s a bright-colored stone in the jewelry.
  • Neutral tones — Congratulations, you get the best of both worlds. All colors and shades of jewelry will most likely suit your undertone. If you wanted, you could even wear a piece of gold and silver jewelry at the same time. Many more people have a neutral undertone than you would think!

Now you can approach your next jewelry shopping trip like a pro and find something that complements your undertone to perfection. Don’t forget to wear whatever makes you feel empowered and confident at the end of the day because that’s what we’re trying to achieve.

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