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7 Wonderful Benefits Of Regular Exercise to Your Skin

By hearing the word “exercise”, of course, having a fit and toned body first come into your mind. But, exercise can do more beyond delivering you a fit and toned body, it also helps you on having a healthy and attractively looking skin.

In fact, it can also be listed as one of your skin care habit. Many people are so busy working on having an hourglass type of a body, without them noticing that their workout routine also contributes to improving their skin’s appearance. Are you curious on how could it happen? Read further and be enlightened with these unbelievable and jaw-dropping benefits of regular exercise to your skin.

#1. Helps improve the blood circulation

Regular physical activity helps in regulating the circulatory system of the human body that leads to an improved blood circulation. An improved and/or proper blood circulation helps the oxygenated blood and other nutrients to be delivered faster all around your body.

Also, a faster blood circulation nourishes skin cells and keeps them energetic and healthier. Whatever the blood situation is, it affects the skin. Have you notice the symptoms or effects of blood diseases like anemia, leukemia, cancer, and so on shows on the skin – dullness, dryness, paleness, and discolouration are some of the symptoms or effects.

#2. Makes skin more radiant and glowing

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

One of the most visible and early effects of regular exercise on the skin is radiant and glow it gives. I can guarantee this because I do follow work out routines from Pinterest and I also dance and do Zumba work out at home – after taking a short shower right before I work out, I can feel my skin more radiant and glowing that makes me look fresh and healthy. That is what they call a post-workout glow. Regular exercise increases your heart rate that results for your skin to receive a dose of oxygenated blood. It could give you a natural blush especially when you become consistent in your physical activity. Because through exercise, your skin starts to produce more of its natural oils that make your skin look healthier and naturally moisturized.

#3. Fights acne occurrence and minimizes pores

Like stated earlier, regular exercise boosts the blood circulation, by that, the toxins are drawn out of the body. Also, when you sweat from exercising, you contribute to cleansing out of the clogged pores. It also helps to remove the stocked dirt and unwanted oils on your skin. If you do regular exercise you would notice that the occurrence of acne is not that frequent unlike before when you are not into regular physical activity. and the pores are becoming barely visible. That is because you sweat regularly, and sweating is one way of cleansing the microscopic dirt on your skin. You could feel your skin lighter and cleaner than before.

#4. Leads to a better and sound sleep

Regular exercise leads to a better and sound sleep with the use of energy during your physical activity. Obviously, you would feel a little exhausted and drained after the exercise and that would make you have a better and sound sleep – where you don’t need to put up a fight when bedtime comes.Through having a regular enough amount of sleep, your skin will appear brighter and it can also protect it against some signs of skin fatigues around the eyes. If you are not used to exercising, try to get used to it by doing a 30-minute exercise a day, then do it in a longer period as time goes by until you get used to the feeling of being physically active.

#5. Reduces stress and anxiety

Stress does not only affect you emotionally but also affects your skin. I had my skin allergies from too much stress and lack of sleep back in my college days when I was sleep deprived and mentally exhausted. And by getting back to a healthy lifestyle, I can instantly see I’m feeling lighter and happier from the inside out. Too much stress can make your life feel darker and lonelier – it is only in your sole discretion on how to overcome it and if you want to overcome it. Because these unhealthy feelings also affect your skin so bad without you being aware of it. If you would only notice when you are feeling stress and/or anxiety in some other days of your life, you could that your skins seem to sag and pale. So, if you want to have that glow, just smile and fight the stress and anxiety by being physically active.

#6. Makes you look and feel younger

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

Regular physical activity will promise to make you feel and look younger. And that is proven by many well-known personalities or even the well-known fitness enthusiasts. Because of regular exercise, your blood circulation increases that result to awaken your blood cells and make it healthier.

By giving you a glow, you can feel that you are looking younger than ever. Even you feel like you are too old for exercise when you get consistent with doing it, you will an improved self-esteem that leads you to feel a decade younger than your age.

#7. Helps in skin repair Regular exercise seems to communicate with your blood cells every time you go and move. With the increase in your blood circulation, your blood becomes healthier and more active in taking out the toxins in your body. The very benefit of the regular physical activity is that it works from inside and out. It helps in skin repair by making the blood vital and that causes to slowly reduce the appearance of scars and other skin conditions that are unpleasantly visible sometimes.

Author Bio

Kath Ramirez is a journalism graduate who aims to turn her dreams into her passion. Her love for writing started when she was seven years old, reading illustrated books. Writing articles, reading books, and dancing is her passion and she breathes into life with these. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays, a food addict but health conscious. She now works as a dedicated writer for Fitbiz, a health and fitness equipment provider based in Australia.

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