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X Ways to Organize a Fairytale Winter Wedding

Are you about to get married? When you say a wedding, what pops in your mind instantly? Isn’t it some version of a fairy-tale?

Then ask yourself a question: have you ever attended a celebration of the nuptial exchange that’s been imprinted in your memory?

Now, before I explore some of the ideas, it’s ok to mention the organization and the budget.

You have a chance at having a dream wedding on a small budget if you plan really well. Money alone cannot grant memorability, some other things can.

That said, have you considered a winter wedding?

Here are some facts to think about: it’s cheaper, less stressful, no one struggles with heat and humidity. Photos are just wonderful and accessories are more authentic, either natural or winter-inspired.

Magical indeed

It’s not that common and it makes you think outside the box. Also, the plush season’s air exudes this royal vibe and romantic elegance. There’s even a name for the period between Christmas and New Year- it’s “twixtmas”.

A winter wedding is enchanting because it’s not predictable- the color palette can range from snowy white through crimson red to explosion of colors- all variations are welcome, you can’t go wrong. After all, wearing an intricate velvet or brocade cape is totally worth the consideration, right?

Whatever the season, one of the key things to see to is the venue. It should follow your theme. Consider hiring a wedding planner.They know all the right people, they also know locations, such as the exclusive wedding venue in College Station.

“A good planner will save money in the long run. Not only will they inspire, counsel and undertake much of the logistical legwork but they’ll bring their experience (and contacts) to bear in ensuring the budget is optimized, providing an objective sounding board along the way.”

The venue you choose will add a fairy tale feeling, but even if you cannot find the exact type you are looking for, with the proper decoration (flowers, lights, entrance candles, “tablescaping”), you can make up for it.

Big time

When it comes to flower arrangements, considered by many an “aesthetic cornerstone to any wedding”, go with the mix of different heights, it adds to the room dynamic. Otherwise, go with the overhead flower installations- for a true wow effect.

Lighting is oh-so-important as well- it shows all the décor in its glory, plus the photos are nothing less than sublime.

Think this way- the atmosphere lifts when you turn off the ceiling lighting and turn on alternative pieces. It’s true at your home, it’s true for your wedding party.

Add sensational snow, tons of candles and a fire-place, and you’ve got the most romantic imagery of the year- the catch is only to use these assets appropriately.

An internationally acclaimed wedding planner Liz Taylor of the Taylor Lynn Corporation warns that “Trying to create a summer wedding in a winter setting won’t work, but it’s surprising how many people still do this”.

She also confirms that it’s easier, cheaper and the season itself adds up to the extra glow of your special day.

“For me, weddings that have the greatest wow factor are those which engage all of the senses to offer a truly immersive experience for guests. If you’re planning a wedding, focus on the details – and remember, they needn’t cost the earth. I’m talking about not simply focusing on the day itself, but more the fact that you’re making memories so think about how a particular scent, piece of music or taste might transport you and your guests back to this magical moment for years to come”, Liz adds.

Winter is a perfect season for a truly glowing entrance, as it complements the surroundings perfectly and doesn’t look artificial or out-of-place.

Neither does your possibly enchanting, fantasy-book, magical-queen dress.

Speaking of sparkling candle galore, think fairy lights or handle hurricane vases or snowflake candles. Or twinkly led-lights.

Paired with hot chocolate servings, mulled wine, or whiskey flasks or metallic doughnuts, it recreates that feeling of warmth, contrasting the outside scenery.

This reminds me of togetherness. What feeling is more coveted for your big day?

Now let’s see some of the ideas:

#1. All White Everything

All white is simple, classic and easy. You can’t go wrong with the absence of colors. White confetti, posies, and peonies everywhere. Just make sure this imagery goes well with the feeling you want to evoke.

#2. To The Max

If you don’t find joy in a monochromatic fantasy, you may as well embrace maximalism, rich velvety textures, lace, beads, every color in the color palette, embroidered capes, crystals- tons of them, tiaras, royal style.

#3. Minimal

Also, you may prefer minimal, natural, Scandinavian-driven, with all (off-)white and occasional natural, fir, cone, and bleached branch scenery. Or the color blue. All decor is just greenery and strategically-placed nature.

#4. Xmas Vibe

Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

If you celebrate Christmas, add red to these organic elements- et voila!

One extra detail: tie a little fir branch round your invitation to set the tone for your guests. You can make a Pinterest board and share it with them as well. Or make a website where everyone can upload photos afterwords.

#5. Go Hygge Or Go Home

Shall you opt for the cozier version, pass out blankets, have snow-dusted pine cone place card holders, wear these beautiful soft long-sleeve dresses and a stole as this article warmly suggests.

#6. STarry Night

Freeze the scenery and go metallic and starry. Translucent stars, giant snowflakes, metallic branches, stars in your hair, glowing gems everywhere.

Fur coats are a must. Prefer pre-owned, because a) you don’t want to harm any animals and b) you don’t want a plastic version either (faux fur is basically plastic- it’s unsustainable in the long run since it takes hundreds of years to decompose).

Don’t forget glitter and gold!

#7. Color Blocking

On the other hand, if you are not the “white outside- white inside” person, one of the ideas is to color-block your theme. Think Roksanda Ilincic. Fuchsia, hot pink, crimson red, orange, mustard, explosion of colors. Neon lights. Over-the-top flowers everywhere.


Each person imagines a different fairy-tale, so the options are really endless. A general rule of thumb is: what would you regret most NOT doing?

Remember the question from the beginning, about the wedding that’s been imprinted in your memory? It’s the wedding that’s been thought out with love. It all boils down to the feeling.

Throw a wedding that FEELS magical. If it looks that way, congratulations! You’ve found the holy grail.

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